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By Rob Glendinning on 2019-08-09 15:02:00

Becky Lynch, Braun Stroman, Christian, and Kofi Kingston all appeared on The Toronto Blue Jays Central last night, promoting Summerslam.

Becky Lynch was asked about what it's like being from Ireland and being the Raw Women'schampion. Her response at first was, "I don't know" but then said "It's pretty cool."

Kofi Kingston about working at Staples in Boston when he was younger.  He said he hated the job, so he quit, deciding to go train to be a pro wrestler.  He told everyone to follow their dreams.

The host then let Braun Stroman interview Kofi. Braun did this in a fake announcer voice and Kofi responded to Brauns questions in a goofy voice. It worked for what it was.

They showed video of Braun Stroman's father playing minor league baseball and hitting a home run.  Braun said his dad was a good baseball player. The host then joked about Braun growing his beard from when he was four years old. Braun laughed and said he could not grow a beard until he was in his mid-20s.

The host then asked Christian about what it was like being in attendance for Joe Carters' game-winning homerun in the World Aeries. Christain said he was going nuts. The host the asked Christain if he was sober when celebrating. Braun piped in and said we are a PG company. Christian laughed and said, "no comment." The host and Christian then traded jokes back and forth about being old and ugly.  That was it.

They then went down to the field and threw out the ceremonial First Pitch.

Braun Strowman reall stood out in this interview as showing a personality and a sense of humor which he does not get to show on WWE TV given his character. 

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