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By Mike Johnson on 2019-08-10 10:55:00

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With E-Gaming becoming such a huge genre, do you think we'll ever see AEW, WWE, etc. hosting their own competitions for their video game franchises?

Well, we saw a WWE 2K19 gamer, Stephan "The Golden Voice" Benson win a million dollars in a contest last year, so in a way, it's already happening.  I could absolutely see AEW, which has a huge gamer in Kenny Omega and has already partnered for a live event with CEO X Gaming, wanting to pursue such a revenue source.  The key would be getting one of the games so popular that you'd see so many people interested in wanting to play the game - and getting others interested in wanting to follow their gaming pursuits.  I don't think we are at that point yet though, but I hope it happens.  Anything that makes pro wrestling better works for me.

I saw Roddy Piper's daughter is going to wrestle for AEW- why would WWE allow this?  Is she any good?

WWE doesn't have a contract putting all of the Piper estate under contract!  Piper's family can partner and do anything they want.  I've never seen Teal Piper wrestle, so how good she is remains to be seen, but as a Piper fan, I am interesting in finding out when we get to All Out.

Is the NWA going to film TV at Center Stage?

We are told the current plan is to film at a new location, not somewhere pro wrestling has been produced before.

Awhile ago, you interviewed Big John Studd's son.  What has he been up to since?

Sean Studd has been training at Booker T's school in Houston.

Why would WWE run Saudi Arabia on Halloween?

That's when they and Saudi Arabia agreed the date would be.

Any word when this WWE Main Event movie would be out on Netflix?

We are told next year.

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