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By Mike Johnson on 2019-08-09 10:00:00

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Can you please explain to me why Vince McMahon, knowing how important production and planning are for his shows, chooses to change scripts and plans at the last minute.  With rehersals and run-throughs, etc., it seems to me the shows are probably hurting because of changes in direction.  Any insight?

Yes, Vince is crazy!  No, I'm kidding (I think!).  WWE is produced like NBC's SNL is, where segments change, are added and dropped all the way until they are on the air (and sometimes, even when they are on the air).  At the end of the day, like Lorne Michaels on SNL, WWE is Vince McMahon's vision - it all passes through him and if and when he decides that something isn't working or isn't making him happy, he's going to go with his gut and change his plans.  Once he makes that call, everyone else has to get in line to achieve his new vision.  That's the job they all signed up for.  Whether it makes sense to anyone else is immaterial, it's about giving McMahon what he wants.  Everything else is secondary.

Who do you think Chris Jericho's mystery partners are?  Do you think it will be the Lucha Brothers?

I haven't heard anything concrete and given that the show isn't until October, plans can change all the way until showtime.  I have said that the Lucha Brothers are too obvious an idea, but it could be them.  I would have to think that given this is a main event for the first AEW on TNT show, that AEW is looking to pull a big debut out.  Who that could be, I don't know.  LAX could be available by then if they don't lock in a new Impact deal.  The craziest idea I can come up with would be to have it be Cody and Dustin Rhodes, but given that Omega is feuding with Jon Moxley, he could be one of the partners as well.

How hurt is Santana of LAX given Ortiz teamed with Daga on Impact?

The Santana injury was 100% storyline.  Santana is slated to work Impact's Mexico taping.  As of this writing, they have not signed new deals.  Their current deals are slated to expire later this month.

Whatever happened to Bob Ryder?

He still works behind the scenes for Impact.

Whatever happened to Aro Lucha?  Are they done?  Rey Mysterio was announced as a minority owner, but wouldn't that be a violation of his WWE deal?

The last we heard, Aro Lucha had met with potential TV partners in Los Angeles and were hoping to strike a deal, but that obviously hasn't happened yet.  The company is not done.  They sent out an announcement last month to their mailing list that they had partnered with a CBD Oil company, so they are at least active enough to be contacting their subscribers.  My guess is they are treading water while trying to figure out their next move.  Hopefully, something works out as we heard nothing but positives about their TV tapings in Nashville.  I don't believe WWE contracts have anything that prevents their talent from owning independent wrestling companies and since Aro Lucha isn't running at the moment, I don't see it being an issue.

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