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By Mike Johnson on 2019-08-08 10:00:00

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I see all these AEW talents doing farewell shows but Cody said at the start of the company they would still be able to do independents, specifically mentioning Joey Janela doing his Spring Break shows.  What changed?  I am really upset I won't have Janela in GCW anymore.

I don't think anything ever changed, but now that they are going into weekly TV, the priority has to be having your talent available and healthy for your shows.  You can't be upset at talents for taking a full-time paycheck over running around like vaudeville acts taking night to night paydays with no rhyme or reason!  I remember Cody saying what you are referring to, but that was in January.  They go on TNT in October.  A lot can change in ten months!  Plus, no one ever said these talents can't appear from time to time and with the current talents leaving full-time for AEW, you now have the opportunity to see who will emerge as the next "hot" indy talents.

With all these older Executives being brought back to WWE, what do you think that says for the younger members of creative?

I think it says you find a way to integrate with the older execs or you prepare for your next writing gig.  If your bosses change or you lose power in your job, you still have to do your job to the best of your ability.  If you cannot, time to move on.

With Steve Austin doing more with WWE, do you think we will finally get a return match?

He's been retired since Wrestlemania 19.  I really, sincerely, don't think Austin wants to come back and do anything.  He's obviously had an open door and never entered it, plus, you don't know if he'd even pass the current day WWE medical in order to get cleared.  I think Austin will stay retired.

Why was Velveteen Dream featured in the new WWE video game commercial?  He isn't a legend like the others.

No, he's not, but he's a great character and he's very obviously in the WWE 2K20 game!

If CM Punk isn't coming back to wrestling, why even do Starrcast?  It's just teasing his fans with no payoff.

See, this is where you are being silly.  The payoff is meeting Punk or listening to him on stage.  He's doing the appearance for a pretty obvious reason, one that he's already stated publicly - the money and the ability to go make an appearance and be back in his home the same day.  He's not whoring himself out doing 100,000 appearances.  He does perhaps one or two a year.  This time, he decided to do Starrcast.  The idea he's teasing his fans is as dumb as the idea that since pro wrestling paid for his house, he has to return to pro wrestling.  No one has to do anything.

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