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By Dave Scherer on 2019-08-07 10:00:00

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Am I alone in feeling like Brock's beatdown of Seth Rollins was way over the edge? It was really uncomfortable watching that, and of course, he won't be fined or anything. No one came to help him, and no one tried to stop him..that was just too much. Your thoughts?

I can’t speak for the masses but I wasn’t uncomfortable with it.  Maybe you are a newer fan, who hasn’t been exposed to things like that.  As a long time fan, it was just an old school beat down to me.

You don't talk much about MLW.  What are your thoughts?

I am a big fan of what they are doing.  Their weekly TV show is always good and they are not doing anything outside of their means to jeopardize the growth of the company.  I think they have done a lot of things right so far.  It’s a fun show to watch and we put the video on the site every week!

Is Pac still associated with AEW? If so, any word on when he'll finally make his debut?

Associated is probably a good word to describe it.  Not on the active roster yet but certainly on the radar.  I would not be shocked to see him once TV starts in October.

I am wondering what you all thought about the order of matches for the 10th anniversary Evolve show. I realize WWE advertised it and put it on the network but I didn't think it was right to have the main event A. Have a non WWN/EVOLVE title close the show, and B. Title or not, have two WWE guys close the show instead of current EVOLVE talent. I realize both men of the last match used to be in Evolve and have great respect for that promotion, but wouldn't this be like if the last 3 matches (in this order) on SUMMERSLAM was Bayley vs Becky title match, Rollins vs Owens title match and then in the main event was Kane vs Cactus Jack for the WWE title? This bothered me at the Saudi show too but at least the reason seemed to be that was what the Saudi regime wanted.

I completely understand what you are saying here.  The flip side is that the show didn’t air on WWN’s broadcasting arm, it aired on the WWE Network.  I can see why you would want WWE viewers to watch until the end of the show, since in most cases they didn’t know the EVOLVE talent.  So to me it makes sense to save the guys that they know for last, to potentially keep viewers engaged (and get exposed to EVOLVE talent along the way. 

I spent my childhood literally running to the local convenience stores on Tuesday afternoons to purchase my favorite wrestling magazines, The Wrestler, PWI, and Inside Wrestling. Did you read any of these magazines growing up, and if so, did they impact your trajectory of becoming the wrestling journalist you've become? Was there a particular issue or story that "hooked" you into becoming a journalist, ... looking back?

Nope, I didn’t read them as a kid because I wasn’t a wrestling fan as a kid.  I grew up in the Northeast, where the only thing on TV was the WWWF and the plodding style didn’t appeal to me.  A lot of my friends as kids believed they were watching a shoot, I never did.  So until we got cable and I got to see Georgia and Crockett’s stuff, I wasn’t a fan.  I was in my late teens when that happened.  As for the magazines, I never took most of them seriously since they were working stuff. 

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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