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By Dave Scherer on 2019-08-05 10:00:00

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I was introduced to wrestling with Championship Wrestling from Florida.  Gordon Solie the whole nine yards.  In those days I remember Kevin Sullivan being a top heel which was before I knew what a heel or face was.  How do you see Sullivan all-time in wrestling?  Was he considered good in the ring?  Is he a Hall of Fame level guy.

To me, he absolutely is.  His Satan worshiping character was revolutionary and he always had a great mind for the business.  I think he deserves a spot in WWE’s Hall Of Fame.

With Bischoff and Heyman taking the reins do you think promos will be less scripted for the performers moving forward?

If they actually had or get full control?  Yes, I do.  Both men realize the value of bullet points and the ability to adapt to the crowd.  But as long as Vince McMahon still oversees the process?  Probably not, at least not in the near future.

It seems Evolution is a no-go this year. Which is sad as it was one of my faves last year. Do you think Trish/Charlotte is what we get as replacement?

I really don’t think one has to do with the other.  I think we are getting Charlotte vs. Trish because WWE wants to create demand for SummerSlam (and keep those WWE Network subscriptions up).

Keeping with of the best parts was the finals of the MY classic. This year so far we haven't seen that come to fruition. Do you think that is over or just on hold?

No one is really saying what the status of the Classic is.  Between NXT and NXT UK, they have a lot of women under contract.  It could be that they just decided they didn’t need to do it this year.  One of the main ideas of it is to expose us to women we haven’t seen before and bring in new talent. Right now, their roster is loaded.

Do you think HHH would ever install a king of the ring like it used to be as an NXT takeover?

I can’t speak for him but to me, that is a concept whose time has come and gone.  It worked in the 80s but not it just seems passé to me.

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