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By Mike Johnson on 2019-08-03 10:00:00

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Is Sasha Banks still under contract?


I am wondering why AEW never picked up the Briscoes.  It seems like they would be perfect for them.

The Briscoes signed a new deal with Ring of Honor.  I don't know that there was any conversation with the team and AEW. but the Briscoes are now signed and locked in with ROH.

I was curious what your thoughts on AEW's sellout is?

I think it's a great win for pro wrestling overall.  They are going to have a great looking crowd for their TNT debut and if they get the creative and in-ring right, they will have sent a message.  I didn't expect the show to sellout in 3 hours.  If I was AEW, I'd have been happy with 5,000.  They have somewhere in the area of 15,000.  That's insane and they should be overjoyed, but they also need to remember the work is just beginning.  To me, that sellout is also a message to WWE to not take AEW lightly and if we are lucky, a sign that things will indeed be getting a hell of a lot more interesting.   The next big test will be what the first week's rating is.  The road has just begun for AEW and we will see how they do with subsequent tapings, but there is no argument they have tapped into the right fan base with the right talent at the right time.  The ball is in their court more than it has been for anyone since the late 1990s.  

Any news SummerSlam 2020 location rumors?? When and Where the announcement will be made?? Which one: New York (MSG), LA, Cleveland, Montreal, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, or even remain with Toronto. etc..??

There has been no real indication but the pattern in recent years has been to repeat cities, so it could very well be Toronto again in 2020.  I don't see WWE putting a PPV in MSG anytime soon,

Why is New Japan not returning to Madison Square Garden?

They are a smart company.  It would look bad if they returned and had 5 thousand there.    It's obvious that a huge part of the reason MSG sold out in April was the timing of Wrestlemania week.  NJPW won't have that this time around.  So, they run the smaller Hammerstein Ballroom, have a sellout and turn away fans.  Perception is key.

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