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By Dave Scherer on 2019-08-04 10:00:00

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What do you think of AEW selling out their first TV show?

I think it’s fantastic and I am happy for them.  It’s great that there is that kind of support for the first show.  I hope they go on a long sellout streak.

What do you think of NXT UK?  I really liked WALTER vs. Seven.

I have really started to get into it.  I am getting to know all of the characters.  I love what they did with Imperium and Mustache Mountain.  Trent Seven vs. WALTER was great stuff.  It should have been a fight, not a match, and it was.  WALTER didn’t want to beat Seven, he wanted to take him out.  And he did.  Tyler Bate coming back and attacking Walter this week was fantastic.  I am looking forward to their August 31 show and really enjoying the product overall.

On a recent podcast Bruce Prichard said that the Dr Hiney skit from 2005 was a tribute to Jim Ross and not meant to be mean spirited. I know he’s back with WWE and has to hold back but in what world is making fun of someone with a serious colon problem a tribute?

All I can say is that there are some in the business that think that any kind of skit is a tribute to someone.  I don’t agree with them.  I thought it was completely out of line at the time.  If it’s me, and that is how someone pays tribute to me, well I would think they don’t care about me at all. It’s like, “Hey pal, I know you are hoping to find out you don’t have cancer so in the interim let’s make a joke out of it!”  It’s really callous.  Then again, this is the same company that thought embarrassing people in their home town/country was a good thing to do.

With WWE cancelling the whole Smackdown tour this weekend will this affect how the scheduled talent are to be paid?

The talent gets paid a guaranteed weekly figure and then gets paid house show bonuses at WWE’s discretion.  So, it’s up to WWE to decide if they will get a perk or not.  If not, they get their downside (and a weekend off).

What do you make of WWE canceling the loop this weekend?

Well, if they had money to be made they most probably wouldn’t have canceled.  So, I think they made the right move.  Why run shows at break even or worse, where talent could get injured, if you don’t have to?  It’s better to save money by not running.  I think WWE needs to realize that it’s time to go back to one tour per weekend.  The Brand Extension is pretty much shot anyway.  They haven’t drawn well at houses in a long time.  I think if they run less dates, with larger crowds and more revenue, Wall Street would like the move as well.  Running in sparsely filled buildings isn’t a good thing.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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