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By Mike Johnson on 2019-08-02 10:00:00

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With AEW tickets on sale this week, how do you think the first show will sell?

That is a VERY interesting question.  I think it will be harder to move tickets in the middle of a week for a taping that is also airing on TNT as opposed to a destination weekend.  Based on what Fyterfest and Fight for the Fallen did for the company, I would think they'll have at least 4-5,000 fans in the building.  We are told they are scaling the building down, so they won't be set up for the 20,000 capacity.  I think anything over 5,000, the promotion should be really happy with.   On the day of their first PPV, I wrote an article stating that the world changes with their PPV.  I think that the ticket sales will send a message as to how much the world has indeed changed or whether I was completely wrong when I wrote that article in May.  Like everything else in wrestling, AEW lives or dies on whether fans will want to support and spend money on the company.    The ticket sales for the first show will be a good indicator on whether they can get fans to come out and pay for something they can watch on cable for free.  We are in uncharted territory, so the results are going to be very closely scrutinized and with this show going on sale, the work really begins for AEW.

Was there ever any type of hidden meaning to the infamous fake Razor Ramon and Diesel (Rick Bogner and Glen Jacobs)? was Vince trying to send a message to Hall and Nash that they were replaceable,or did he actually think hos audience would actually believe the two "imposters" as being Razor and Diesel?

They were simply trying to showcase that they owned the characters and anyone could portray them.  While the announcement Razor and Diesel were returning certainly got attention (and according to Kevin Nash, a big raise in WCW) , it bombed pretty bad.

With Big Show doing the Netflix comedy, does that mean he's retired in the ring?

I wouldn't say so.  Filming a season of a TV show doesn't require Show to be out of the ring for the entire year.  They could easily have him featured in storylines when they are done with the season.  It's also possible they will have him in the ring for the series, and they'll need to film that at a WWE event obviously!  I don't think we've seen the last of Show in the ring.

I am watching an episode of ECW TV and they are outdoors in what they say is a tornado watch.  Why the hell wasn't this show canceled?

I was there that night in Middletown, NY and I don't have any idea why the show went on!  I remember driving to the show and the roads were completely desolate, as was the Fair that was hosting the show.  I think ECW just decided to roll the dice and see if things would play in their favor since they had to tape TV and flew a ton of talent into the show.  Since you are watching it, it worked out, but in hindsight, sitting in an outdoor fairgrounds arena during a tornado watch, not one of the smarter decisions of my life.

The ROH/CMLL show announcements had me wondering, when wrestlers from different countries work out matches, how do they handle the language barrier?

Well, the good news is that most of the moves have the same name no matter what language the talent speaks.  The other good news is that there are translators who can also help make sure everyone is on the same page.

Where is Joey Styles?

Happily working outside of pro wrestling.

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