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By Dave Scherer on 2019-07-31 10:00:00

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If John Cena were to show up on AEW's first TNT show and cut a legit anti-WWE, CM Punk pipe bomb promo, would that be the equivalent of Hulk Hogan’s heel turn at the 1996 Bash at the Beach in terms of industry-shaking magnitude? Or, would it be the equivalent of Lex Luger debuting on Monday Nitro in 1995 and really kick off a new wrestling promotion war in primetime? 

It would be far bigger than either.  In Hogan's case, he was already in WCW and his babyface character had gotten long in the tooth in two promotions.  Luge?  Didn't matter all that much as he WWE run was a failure.  Were Cena to do that, he would WWE's top guy for over a decade jumping to an upstart.  And if he cut an anti-WWE promo, well he would be a hypocrite given the royal treatment that Vince gave him. 

What would be the ripple effects of John Cena jumping ship to AEW, as he is a true A-lister and the modern face of the WWE? 

The biggest one I see would be that it would get eyeballs on AEW right from the start.  While the hardcore AEW fans would probably hate it, it would attract the casual fans to the show, and that is what AEW needs to succeed.  So Cena working for them would get them on people's radar.  Then it would be up to the promotion to hook the new fans.

You guys keep getting questions regarding what TNT will allow when it comes to some of the more extreme stuff has done on their PPVs and free shows to this point. I agree things like blading and unprotected chair shots should not be done, but at the same time I do want a more adult alternative to WWE. Most networks allow some mature language on their shows so that should be ok, and it's certainly possible to do mature storylines and wrestling matches in a safe manner. Do you think AEW (or any promotion for that matter) simply needs to be more forward thinking and creative when it comes to doing mature/extreme content? There's certainly ways to achieve that aesthetic without performers intentionally cutting themselves etc. 

To me, it's all in the vision, the characters and the storylines.  WWE gets in ruts because the vision changes a lot, the characters are overly scripted and the storylines are often contradictory.  If those three things were tighted up, WWE could appeal more to adults while still appealing to kids, like South Park or The Simpsons did for years.  So, that is what AEW should try and achieve.

What's your thoughts on NXT UK thus far?

I have enjoyed it.  It's a fun promotion that is building nicely.

Why don't WWE Superstars wear street clothes anymore, even when they're not competing?

They don’t want to look like prostitutes?  Who wants to wear hooker clothes if they don't have to?

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