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By Dave Scherer on 2019-07-29 10:00:00

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Reading today about Jimmy Uso being arrested for DUI (his second this year) and also recently about Jeff Hardy being arrested for public intoxication, WWE's statements of "Name Talent is responsible for his personal actions". When is enough, enough? Is this the same "we don't care" attitude WWE will have if, heaven forbid, one of the talent drives drunk and kills themselves, or worse someone else? Is this something that should be added to the Wellness Policy, or maybe at the very least have a personal conduct policy in contracts (similar to pro sports)?

I don’t take it to mean they don’t care.  I think what they are saying is that the wrestlers are adults (and independent contractors) so WWE isn’t responsible for what they do when they are not working for the company.  With that said, if they see one of their independent contractors has an issue, they should definitely try and aid the talent in getting the help they need.  They also should think long and hard about how they push someone if they are showing that they have issues.

With today being WWE stock day it reminded me of something. A few years ago the company announced that they intended to use their live event expertise & infrastructure to produce live events for other entities. I haven't heard that mentioned since. Did that business ever come to pass? 

I don’t remember them doing anything with it.  It has gone the way of Tout (remember that?).  Given that their live events are down, if they are going to focus on anything, it should be their events.

I am loving the new direction Bray Wyatt's character is going.  My question is this: do you see his character being more than just in the direction of "the Fiend?"  For instance, he could have "the Fiend" being a heel character and then his character of a "children's show" host going in the direction of being a face?  There are different ways this can go.  I am just curious as to how this all plays out because I do not know yet.  Your thoughts?

I am getting the vibe that nice Bray is really just the vehicle to get to nasty Bray.  We shall see.

Many AEW fans have convinced themselves that CM Punk is going to be at All Out. With that said, do they have any choice but to do everything they can to sign him? Regardless of how good the show is now, there will surely be a large section of fans who will only remember disappointment and anger that Punk wasn't there.

I have heard the same thing from some AEW fans, that they are sure that Punk will be at All Out.  Well, he will be close by anyway.  He is definitely doing Starrcast, but as of now he will not be at the AEW show.  I have heard from people in the company that are aware of what the fans expect and are not happy about it as it puts a lot of pressure on AEW.  They know that there will be at least a chunk of the audience waiting for Punk to appear.  My hunch is that they will expect him to show up in the Title match so at least AEW will get through most of the show before it becomes an issue for them.  As for AEW’s choice to sign Punk?  Well it takes two to tango and as the question below shows, that doesn’t seem to be something Punk is interested in right now.  My take is that the only way Punk would even seriously consider it is if Tony Khan reached out to him and made him a massive offer. I repeat, a MASSIVE offer.

So is it just me, or did CM Punk throw some serious shade at AEW in his last interview?   I mean, here are a few of his quotes:

"I know they like to talk about me a lot.  If I text Matt Jackson, "Hey, have a great show tonight," which I did when they had their big show in Vegas, that somehow turns into Tony Khan telling people he has a great relationship with me."

"The fact is I know they've teased me ad nauseam, and if anybody is gonna get mad it's at me because I don't show up. Well then, I don't know what to tell you."

"They do videos where they talk about me. They're constantly talking about me in the media."

"I got a text from Cody [Rhodes]. And again, I almost don't even know how to reply to them sometimes, because if I reply, they do interviews and are like, "Oh yeah, I just talked to Punk." I'm kind of damned if I do, damned if I don't."

That doesn't sound like someone who is being coy or laying groundwork to hide a forthcoming appearance.  It sounds like a guy who is starting to get p*ssed off at a company who are using his name as publicity.  I mean, it could be the world's greatest work, but it doesn't sound like it...

At this point, it is absolutely not a work.  As the question above asserts, it will make fans think he will appear at the show but right now that is not the case.  It has definitely created an issue for AEW.  They should have known how Punk is.  Hell, I never met the men and I have a pretty good idea what will tick him off.  They should have known too.

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