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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-26 10:00:00

I read the AEW press release revealing the TV start date and details regarding the use of analytics and having win loss records mean something.  For a long time now I've thought it would be cool if a promotion would actually use win loss records.  It adds a ton of logic to the storylines when you can physically see why a performer is getting a title shot, match on PPV, etc.  I personally love the idea.  Your thoughts?

I personally love the idea as it could set the promotion apart from everyone else and anything that makes a company unique is a smart, great thing.   I am curious how it be presented - if they can  I have been surprised they haven't rolled this out already, but really, until they get to TNT in October, everything is inconsequential in terms of their storylines and presentation.  It's all a prequel for the official start.

I know you are probably getting inundated with questions about whether CM Punk has signed with AEW as a wrestler or not.  With that said, do I sound like a conspiracy theorist to have noticed Punk's appearance at Starrcast is on Sunday, which is the day after the Pay-Per-View? That would be perfect if he has signed with them since he would not be appearing before the pay-per-view, and therefore would not have to lie to fans about whether or not he has signed. He would also have a lot more to discuss with those attending his panel on Sunday. It would also make for some epic videos to be released on YouTube by AEW to lead into them starting weekly television.

Punk has not signed with AEW.  His appearance at Starrcast is the same day as the PPV.

With the bad news about ratings, do you think Vince will rethink putting the Universal title on a part time wrestler long term again, or will he go back to bra & panties matches first? I mean we are already seeing the return of cartoonish tag teams.

Vince McMahon said they have graduated from the blood and guts stuff on the most recent stockholders' call.  I would assume bra and pantie matches fall under that umbrella and they should.  There's zero need to ever bring that back.  He's already placed the Universal title back on a part-timer!

Today’s Konnan question made me wonder, was there a reason he never made a run in WWE after WCW folded?

I've never heard a definitive reason, but my guess is that since he was splitting time between Mexico and TNA, it just never had an opportunity to happen.

When you cover a live show, as you did MLW this week, what compensation does the promotion give you?   What's the biggest show you've done coverage at?  Is there any promotion you haven't covered live?  What's your favorite building to do it in?

Zero.  When I go to a live show to do live coverage, no one pays me extra, not even the site as I'm under salary and there's no extra bonuses for going on the road and doing coverage at events.  I choose to do the live coverage because I feel a show is important or interesting enough to do it .  I feel that if I'm going to be at an event, why not do coverage for anyone who wants to read about it?   I have never been compensated by any promotion for live coverage, nor should I be.  The promotions never provide me more than a table, a few chairs and a place I can plug my laptop in.  That's it.   I choose to do the coverage and I choose to attend the events.   If a promotion doesn't want me to do live coverage (which believe it or not, actually happened earlier this month - I reached out to an indy company in Dallas as I want in town and they didn't want me to do live coverage), I respect their wishes and don't do it.

As far as the biggest, I've been in the Wrestlemania press box live blogging the last few years and I don't think you get bigger than that show.  I've done coverage at New Japan events, ROH, Impact.  I guess I haven't done AEW yet as there just hasn't been that opportunity.  I'd love to do a lot of the European promotions and WWC in Puerto Rico for their big Anniversario events, but again, the opportunuity hasn't presented itself.

As far as favorite building, it's the 2300 Arena.  My favorite place to ever watch wrestling.  The sightlines are great, especially the balconies.  I got a big kick out of doing live coverage earlier this year from Madisin Square Garden at G1 Supercard as well as MSG was the first place I ever saw a live show when I was 12 years, so being able to work out of that building was a nice full circle for me.

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