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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-24 09:47:00

Last night was Eric Bischoff's first Smackdown taping since being named Executive Director of the brand.  We are told Bischoff sat in on production meetings and was seen spending lots of time with members of WWE's Creative team but beyond that, there was no real obvious change to the usual TV taping process.  We have been told that all sides are taking their time to transition Bischoff in so that he can familiarize himself with the company and how it operates.  Bischoff officially started with WWE on 7/19.  While he's worked as a performer there in the past, this is the first time he's worked for the company on an executive level.

The tease on Smackdown last night with Charlotte Flair certainly would lead one to believe Trish Stratus is wrestling her at Summerslam.  

There was a lot of talk at WWE TV this week that the company is finally close to launching their tiered-version of the WWE Network and it will be much coming sooner than later.  The company has been working on developing the new version for some time and moved the Network's infrastructure from BamTech to Endeavor Streaming Group this past January.

WWE will release their second quarter 2019 earnings tomorrow. will have complete coverage.

For those who asked where he was on Monday, Sid Vicious pulled out of the Raw Reunion late last week.

Danny Cage commented on Guest Coaching at the WWE Performance Center this week: is reporting WWE will release a Finn Balor DVD towards the end of the year.


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