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By Mike Johnson & Steven Fernandes on 2019-07-24 09:10:00

WWE Japan announced that they have made a donation of 193,947 Yen to the Yoshihiro Takayama 'Takayamania' Foundation. This was set up during the WWE Japan tour last month where fans were able to make donations.   The foundation was created to assist Takayama and his family with costs relating to his injuries.   

Takayama, 52 years old, has been paralyzed from the neck down after suffering an injury in May 2017 while wrestling in Osaka, Japan for DDT.  With cooperation from all Japanese promotions, a donation box has been set up at every event where people can donate as well as buy Takayama-related merchandise. A bank account has also been set up where people can transfer money directly.   Takayama first broke into the business working for the UWFI before moving on to All Japan Pro Wrestling.  He fought in several of the early PRIDE events, including a famous fight against Don Frye and was renowned for the level of physical punishment he was able to endure while legitimately fighting.  After the passing of Giant Baba and formation of NOAH, Takayama moved to that promotion.  In recent years, Takayama had been working primarily for DDT. 

 For more about details about the foundation and to donate, click here.


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