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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-21 10:00:00

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 Who do you think should be the first AEW Champion?

Unless they are going to pull some sort of swerve so it ends on Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho is the obvious choice for the first champion.  He's the one name other than Moxley that AEW has right now that will get people to stop and wonder what's going on as they flip through the channels.  He's a name that will mean something to licensees.  I say you go with Jericho and use him like Terry Funk in ECW, where he has programs and tries to make others mean more when he's done working with him.

Has there been any talk of Ricky Steamboat for Raw Reunion?  IRS?  Sabu?

I haven't heard anything about Steamboat.  IRS works for the company, so it's likely he'd make a cameo.  No chance of Sabu.

Hey, as raw reunion is coming up, why not WWE bring back Damien Damento! The man main evented the first ever raw. It will be a hoot. Now many wont remember him but cmon, did he burn some bridges or anything? Why not others like Mantaur and Phantasmo while you are at it. TL Hopper anyone?

He main evented Raw, but I don't think the masses remembers that.  I'd crack up at some of the names you've requested but I don't see any of them appearing on Raw this Monday, sorry.

Do you ever think WWE would Konnan into the WWE Hall of Fame?

I could see it down the line.  He was only in the company for a second but if you look at his importance in Mexico and certainly his run in WCW, he would be worthy.  I could see them inviting him to be the international inductee one year.  He made a lot of people money and gave others big career breaks.  That's certainly worthy of a WWE Hall of Fame induction and he'd probably give a great speech.

Are the rumors true that AEW and WWE have interest in Tony Schiavone?

We've heard both have had interest of late, yes.  He's under contract to MLW, so we'll see how it plays out, if at all.

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