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By Steven Fernandes on 2019-07-19 09:19:00

Colt Cabana announced that the weekly episodes of the Art of Wrestling podcast will be coming to an end/going on hiatus soon. He noted that he will be opening a Patreon where for likely $4 a month, people can have unlimited access to his old podcasts. For an additional dollar a month, he will put up new content from time to time. He mentioned if enough people sign up for the Patreon, (he gave a number at 500) he would do some new "old school" one-one-one interviews with people he hasn't done a podcast with before. He noted he would put be putting content from his live AOW podcasts through the end of the year. He noted that the Live AOW at Starrcast 3 would essentially be the last Live show. He mentioned that he wanted to "take a breath" and just enjoy being at the wrestling shows without having to worry about turning out content, and that he may come back to podcasting down the line.

He also posted on Twitter:



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