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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-18 10:00:00

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Is there a more worthless or overdone finish in WWE than the 'surprise roll-up' pin? It makes the winner and loser look weak, yet it feels like we're seeing it at least 2-3 times each week. 

I would agree.  Using it from time to time I have no issue with but it happens far too often to get the sort of reaction that finish is meant to elicit.

The video used to announce Jon Moxley's arrival in NJPW was one of the most legitimately cool things I've seen in wrestling in years. The scenes in the bar, the song by Creepoid, the carved logo; it was totally cinematic. If AEW ran something similar for him in October on TNT, it would be an unbelievable statement of intent for them and for him. With that being said, do you know who owns that footage? An updated version for AEW would be phenomenal.

Moxley produced the video with the former Nick Mondo, so they would own that content.  AEW could certainly license it from Moxley.  If I was AEW (or anyone), I'd be trying to hire Mondo.

Is it true Tony Schivaone is going to WWE?

There's been WWE interest, but Schiavaone is under contract to MLW  and is slated to work their next events.  MLW has been adamant that he's locked in with them.  

Mike has described most of what AEW has done thus far as exposition before the big debut on TNT. I would tend to agree. But there is one thing that needs to be ironed out sooner rather than later, and that's the BTE guys using their corporate labels on-camera. No product is going to seem cool if it features constant corporate cheerleading and top talents flaunting their backstage credentials. On Saturday we saw Brandi go from face to heel, then back to corporate brand officer at the end, and it felt like a mess. The curtain has been totally pulled back in the last 25 years but if AEW wants to seem like a true alternative to the masses, they should let the wrestlers be wrestlers on-camera and not have them wear a multitude of hats to the detriment of logic. How important do you think this is? And do you think it's something that's on their radar? 

I tend to agree with you that all the Executive VP stuff should disappear once AEW goes to TNT.  To me, you want to tell the stories of these wrestlers trying to be the best in the world, trying to win titles and having issues with each other.  It's OK for that stuff to bleed into shows like Being the Elite, but to me, the TV show should be a different animal.  I really feel like everything that comes before the October debut is just exposition and the company getting reps to prepare for the real heavy lifting, which will be creating a live, weekly series.  To me, that's the real battle and anything else is just practice, whether it's PPV, Bleacher Report Live or a house show.  They should be judged on the content they put out when they officially hit "Broadway", not the dress rehearsals.  I feel like the insider references should be nowhere on the TNT show.  Just produce a great weekly wrestling series.  I don't think the average fan will care that there are five EVPs running the show.  They just want to see good wrestling and good characters.

I got a scenario followed by a question.  Say AEW REALLY takes off and becomes legit WWE competition with a ratings battle between TNT, Fox, and USA.  Could you see other networks wanting in on the action and looking to work with ROH, Impact, etc.?

It's quite possible.  As Dave Scherer is so fond of saying, a rising tide raises all ships.  If AEW brought in major attention and ratings, it will turn heads and bring others' interest in seeing what pro wrestling could do for their networks.  It's not a 100% given, but certainly there's a possibility.

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