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By Dave Scherer on 2019-07-16 10:00:00

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I watched Fight For Fallen.  It was my first AEW show.  I have heard you say that you think it’s a mistake for Tony Khan and his crew to say they are going to change the world and do something we haven’t seen.  After watching the show, which had one really great match and a bunch of stuff that was varying degrees in quality.  I now see what you mean when you say Khan should stop making statements that set the bar so high.  Do you think he will realize that he is presenting a wrestling show, not changing the world of wrestling?

I can’t say.  I get being proud of you talent and all but at the end of the day, if you set the bar super high, you have to clear it every single time.  If you have a very good show, it’s a disappointment instead of being a very good show.  I hope Tony realizes that.

I have noticed more people complaining about The Elite winning at all the AEW shows. I really don't understand why. At the same time people complain about WWE 50/50 booking. There have only been 2 AEW shows (3 if you count All In). At most The Bucks have won 3, Cody 2 and a draw and Kenny is 1 and 1. Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan,  The Undertaker, Road warriors and others used to win most all the time and no one complained. It made them superstars! What changed?! 

As I said the other day, I think the fear for most people is that The Elite guys will push themselves down people's throats since guys with that kind of power have done so in the past.  I think people are just being preemptive and hoping that does not happen.  I understand the concern because if that were to happen, it would hurt the product. I think everyone involved knows better than to do that.

I read an interview a year or two back in which Kenny Omega scoffed at comparing the legacy of the modern-day WWE title with the NJPW heavyweight championship, but in fact it is possible to take Kenny's criticisms much further---one of the many, many issues with Vince's current incarnation of professional wrestling is that nearly every title the "main roster" has, women's titles included, is largely meaningless: indeed, the "24/7 Belt" seems more than anything to be what the company actually thinks a championship is, just carried to its logical conclusion. Are there steps WWE could take to restore prestige to the championships on its main television shows, or have those opportunities now come and gone?  

This is purely a matter of perspective and frankly yours make no sense to me.  Both the New Japan and WWE Titles are worked.  They aren’t won on merit in the ring, they are pre-planned.  So prestige just comes down to what your preference of pro wresting should be.  In your case, it’s New Japan.  To the WWE superfan, it’s what Vince books.

How exactly do you gimmick a chair so that a unprotected chair to head wouldn’t hurt a guy? This is based on if the spears shot to Cody went as planned and he didn’t get busted open.

You hit the guy in the forehead instead of the back of the head, like Spears did.  It's stupid to do it in this day and age either way, given what we know about CTE.

So the 24/7 champion has to fight somebody anytime, anywhere — on a plane, or at a wedding... but Ricochet wins the US title, has all that time backstage shaking hands and having photoshoot... meanwhile, Samoa Joe had to be somewhere in the building and wouldn’t want to at least jump Ricky from behind? We know the US Championship has to be won in the ring.  My question is if people aren’t at least begrudging over it but are willing to blindside the WWE Green Champion, how is the US championship supposed to be a big win for Ricochet? You’d think the US Championship would be worth so much a roster would destroy each other over it.  Instead, we see handshakes and “I’ll see you next week” smiles.

I go after WWE’s booking a lot but I can’t blame them for not having a guy attack a champion when the belt is not on the line.  The 24/7 Title is always on the line, so it makes sense that people are always after it. It would be dumb if people didn’t go after it.

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