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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-13 10:00:00

I recently was in a wrestling forum where a lot of people were complaining about Kevin Owens going from face to heel then now seemingly a face again.  WWE has a history of doing this.  They'll even turn a guy for just one match.  In my opinion this is a HUGE problem in wrestling and maybe the top reason traditional heel vs face booking needs to go away.  People in everyday life don't go from good to bad and back again multiple times.  It really hurts the product in my opinion.  Do you agree?  If so how would you approach the issue

I am with everyone who says WWE turns talents way too much.  It used to be talents turned once and stayed in their position for a long, long time.  Watching the Kevin Owens rant on Smackdown, my thoughts were that this was great but when did Owens become a babyface?  If I am WWE, I put a moratorium on turns.  If someone turns, they have to stay in that position for at least a year.  Obviously, there can be exceptions to the rule if the crowd interest in someone surges, but they need to not rush talents back and forth because they will just burn them out and make the audience apathetic to them.

Who should be the first AEW Champion?

I'd love to see Adam Page be the first champion, but if I am AEW and I am going on national TV, I'd put it on Chris Jericho so fans checking out the show for the first time see someone they recognize.

Which WWE Japanese male and female stars speak enough to be considered for a push without needing someone to speak for them and who needs more work on their english?

I think it's overlooked that a lot of Japanese stars can speak English but since it's a second language, it's not something they can do conversationally.  I don't think anyone needs to work on their English.  If WWE wants to hire the talents, it's on them to find ways to get them over.  They made fans care about Asuka in NXT.  They can find ways to make fans care.  

I have noticed more people complaining about The Elite winning at all the AEW shows. I really don't understand why. At the same time people complain about WWE 50/50 booking. There have only been 2 AEW shows (3 if you count All In). At most The Bucks have won 3, Cody 2 and a draw and Kenny is 1 and 1. Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan,  The Undertaker, Road warriors and others used to win most all the time and no one complained. It made them superstars! What changed?! 

All In was a Ring of Honor show, but either way, I think it's a stupid complaint.  They have run all of two shows as I write this.  Their third show is tonight.  Until they get to TNT and begin their weekly series in October, complaining about the wins and losses is a waste of time.  These AEW shows are simply exposition until the TV show begins.  As far as what changed, it's just fans having a voice online.

Did Mark Henry ever have an official retirement ceremony?

No, just an excellent Hall of Fame induction.


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