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By Dave Scherer on 2019-07-12 10:53:00

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Do you expect to see EVOLVE have a bigger presence on WWE Network beyond this Saturday's 10th-anniversary special?

I don’t have any expectation at this time.  If the show draws a good audience tomorrow on the WWE Network I think it would bode well for future events to air.  It’s pretty inexpensive content for WWE and they do have a working relationship with EVOLVE, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see them do more together.  It could also be part of a tier on the Network if WWE ever decides to implement that.  If it doesn’t draw well?  Well it would all depend on things like whether WWE wants to have counter programming to AEW or not.

Did the WWE just combine Steve Austin and CM Punk to create the ultimate Kevin Owens Babyface turn? And while that seems like recycled material, considering the past between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens, isn’t recycling, in this case, a stroke of genius?  

With WWE booking I take a wait and see attitude before I anoint anything as being genius.  With that said, what they did with Owens on Tuesday was really good and I hope they follow it up.  With any luck, he can be the one to get Sweato Mac off of our TV screens for good.  A man can hope.

There was a question about the AEW top stars having gone over in most of the events so far and whether that would continue to be the pattern. I thought Kenny Omega lost his first match against Chris Jericho at Double or Nothing? Or was the question about the Bucks and Cody?

Obviously, unless they did a draw if one guy wrestles another in the group, someone will lose.  I took the question to be will The Elite glom all the wins or will they use their position to get new talents over.

Question -- can you think of any reason why Tessa Blanchard isn't signed to WWE yet?  She's a solid worker, has a great look that would fit in perfectly with the current Women's Roster, and a Tessa versus Charlotte program is, quite literally, a license to print money.   A license to print money.  Those two tearing it up in the ring and on the mike, possibly getting their fathers involved... they could start as a tag team based on history and then split up...  Honestly, WWE would have trouble counting the money they would make off of a Tessa/Charlotte program.  Any ideas why it hasn't happened yet?

She was in the Mae Young Classic a few years ago and they could have signed her then.  There were lots of rumors going around but my understanding is she was 21 years old then and they wanted her to get more seasoning.  They are definitely aware of how good she it.

Recently there was a question regarding fans wanting the Attitude Era back and not realising it was 20 years ago. However, considering we have recently had Goldberg v Taker, Heyman & Bischoff running the respective shows and Angle, HHH, HBK, Kane, Undertaker, Batista, Goldberg, Shane at the top of the card recently is it any wonder people forget how long ago it was?

The Attitude Era ended, in earnest, around 20 years ago.  So I will compare it to sports.  That year, the Rams beat the Titans in the Super Bowl. If you are  Titans fan, they were really good then.  The road has been pretty rocky since.  It doesn’t matter is the aged stars are on TV now.  They aren’t “playing” (to compare it sports) they way they were back then when they were on top.  That is why people should remember how long ago it was, and most do.  That is why the audience is down to where it is now.  Ten million people watched Raw and Nitro on Mondays back then.  Now?  They can’t even get three million.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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