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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-11 15:05:00

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The WWE logo was attached this week to the location of the company's new Global Headquarters in Stamford, CT, 677 Washington Boulevard.

WWE announced the planned move in March.  At the time, WWE Co-President George Barrios commented, One of the most important elements necessary to execute WWE’s long-term growth strategy is world-class talent collaborating seamlessly to create compelling content. Our workplace initiative will be the foundation to meet these objectives and underpins our ability to deliver long-term value."

The move from their current headquarters, long known as Titan Tower, is being done for a number of reasons.  The company has simply outgrown the old building, which is also considered by some we have spoken to within the company to be technologically inferior to more modern buildings.  The new move would also allow for every aspect of the company to be under one roof.  Currently, certain divisions of the company are housed in different buildings near the Tower, requiring the company to shuttle them from place to place.  WWE also has a crossing guard on hand to assist employees as they cross from one building to another.   

The move will also place WWE in one of the grandest buildings on the Stamford skyline, as well as within a short walk of the Stamford train station.  Currently, WWE shuttles employees from the station to the HQ.  The new building is large enough to house every aspect of the company and one source even noted they could put multiple Performance Centers in the building if they opted to go that direction.

WWE will slowly move different divisions into the new HQ, moving officially into the new building by 2021.  The new space features 712,000-square-feet per floor while WWE's current home houses 110,000 square feet per floor.  WWE's lease for the new Global HQ will be for 16.5 years, with five five-year renewal options afterward.  There's been no discussion of WWE potentially buying the building, at least at this time.

WWE has been in the current Titan Tower since 1985, when they acquired the building and has housed the company's offices for years.  WWE has filmed many vignettes (and even a Super Bowl commercial) at the Tower, even hosting an entire episode of Monday Night Raw from the Tower when a blizzard shut down the entire State of Connecticut.  The company has stated their plan is to eventually sell off Titan Tower and to evaluate three other locations they currently own and lease, which house production facilities.   The Tower was originally built in 1981.

WWE's new Global Headquarters building was the former home of financial company UBS.  At the time, UBS had the largest stock trading floor in the world.  They left the building in 2016 for a new location across the street.



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