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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-13 09:31:00

Officially added to the Highspots Wrestling Network streaming service, which you can subscribe to by clicking here, is the new Michael Elliot documentary Championship Wrestling From Florida: The Story of Wrestling In The Sunshine State:

One of the true Meccas in professional wrestling, the "Sunshine State" offered first class wrestling like no other territory in its prime. Championship Wrestling from Floriday was one of the unquestionable leaders in the field of professional wrestling.

Led by perhaps the smartest man of that era in Eddie Graham and voiced by the most recognizable public figure in wrestling, Gordon Solie. Championship Wrestling from Floriday was a destination for only fans but every top wrestling talent.

Eddie Graham not only created superstars, world champions, and household names such as Dusty Rhodes, Jack Brisco, Kevin Sullivan, and many more. For the first time CWF's history and legacy is traced in this documentary from its beginning under "Cowboy" Luttrell to its eventual demis after the shocking death of Eddie Graham.

With extensive interviews from all the key players involved in the territory, Championship Wrestling from Floriday will leave you feeling like you worked the territory yourself!

This 2-disc set features not only the story of Championship Wrestling from Florida, but several bonus matches captured on 8mm, dozens of bonus stories, many that have never been released.

Disc 1


Cowboy Luttrell

Gordon Solie

Eddie Graham the Leader

Jack Brisco

Eddie Graham the Politician

Dusty Rhodes

Mike Graham

Plane Crash

Kevin Sullivan

Dutsy's Exodus

Eddie Graham's Death / Losing Control


Legacy of CWF

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