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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-11 11:21:00

The original LAX, Homicide and Hernandez will battle Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions LAX, Santana and Ortiz at the 7/14 GCW Homicide Tribute event in Brooklyn, NY at Villain LLC.  Should LAX sign somewhere in August when their Impact Wrestling contracts expire, this could potentially be the final time they face the OGz.  The show will stream live at FITE.TV.

Homicide sat down with for a long discussion about the event and his career, discussing celebrating 25 years in the business, GCW celebrating his anniversary next month in Brooklyn, why he’s excited for the show, what he’s looking forward to, whether it’s weird to know he’s being celebrating for his run, his reaction when GCW approached him about doing the show, his hopes for the tribute show, why he feels it kicks off the last chapter of his career, the moment he decided to get in the business, the four people he credits as the “Four Horsemen” that allowed him to have a career, discovering the independents, the importance of the late Frank Iadevia to his career, Low Ki, what bonded them, why he sometimes gets upset he’s not currently working on a larger scale today, ROH, why he would have worked for free and then retired if ROH had booked him at Madison Square Garden, why it hurt he was never invited to work the show, being one of the original “Three Kings” in ROH with Samoa Joe and CM Punk, Trent Acid memories, why he wants to make sure Trent is remembered, teaming with Hernandez, his Impact Wrestling run ending, what he told management on his last night, legends why calling the match in the ring is how things should be, whether his public persona may have led to those in the business having the wrong idea about him, the only person who ever approached him about changing his persona, getting to travel the world, his interest in working behind the scenes, plans for the future, horror movies and tons more.

Previously announced thus far for the event:

*GCW Champion Nick Gage vs. Lowlife Louie Ramos.

*Joey Janela vs. Low Ki.

*Also appearing are Nate Webb, Chris Dickinson, Gringo Loco, Deranged, Laredo Kid, Azrieal, Papadon, Julius Smokes and more to be announced. 

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