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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-11 11:14:00

Triple H appeared on the red carpet in Los Angeles yesterday for Dave Bautista's film Stuber.  There is an interesting full circle there as at one point, Bautista was slated to star in a WWE Studios film Blood Brothers, but since the film would have been released after Bautista's WWE deal at the time would have expired and he wasn't signing a new deal, he was yanked from the film and replaced by Triple H.  Bautista's path as an actor since then is pretty well told.  Stuber will be officially released today.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston is expected to perform at Extreme Rules this Sunday.

Alexa Bliss was backstage at Raw in Newark, NJ but not used due to a sinus issue.  She appeared in New Jersey earlier in the day at a community outreach event for Connor's Cure presented in conjunction with California Pizza Kitchen.

The original idea was Roman Reigns' opponent on Raw was to have an extra portray the role but over the course of the day, there was a pitch for Cedric Alexander to do the spots instead.  We are told there will be a follow-up to Alexander's involvement on Raw Monday.

While many of the backstage segments on Raw are pre-taped, all of the Street Profit segments were live as they aired this past Monday in order to keep their energy as vibrant as possible.

Former ROH star Dan Maff was at Raw in Newark, NJ.  A long-time stalwart of the NYC independent scene, I remain shocked he's never been hired by a national promotion.

WWE NXT has a live event tonight in Winter Garden, Florida at the Armory.

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