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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-24 07:45:00

The latest book from Mid-Atlantic Wrestling historian Dick Bourne was officially released this week.  The Mid-Atlantic Championship traces the history of the Mid-Atlantic Championship that was of the utmost importance to Jim Crockett Promotions in the Carolinas.

Promotional material for the book notes, "In 1970, Jim Crockett Promotions introduced the Eastern Heavyweight title to their fans. Four years later they changed the name of the title to the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship. Within these pages you will find a complete history of that title, including a detailed account of every title change from the establishment of the title until it was retired at the end of 1986. Plus great photos of the legendary champions.Featured also is a breakdown of all four championship belts that represented the title, broken down into the five distinct periods the belts were worn. Featuring Danny Miller, Jerry Brisco, Rip Hawk, Ole Anderson, Johnny Valentine, Wahoo McDaniel, Ric Flair, Greg Valentine, Ken Patera, Tony Atlas, Jim Brunzell, Ray Stevens, Ricky Steamboat, Ivan Koloff, The Iron Sheik, Roddy Piper, Jack Brisco, Paul Jones, Dory Funk, Jr., Dick Slater, Ron Bass, Sam Houston, Ronnie Garvin, and many others!"

The following books have been officially released within the last month:

Buggsy McGraw: Brute Power by Buggsy McGraw & Ian Douglass

Buggsy McGraw and co-author Ian Douglass bring you the 325-plus page autobiography about the life and career of one of professional wrestling’s most colorful stars from the territory era!  “Brute Power: The Buggsy McGraw Story” tells the story about a little Indiana boy with a speech impediment who turned himself into one of the strongest men on the planet, before transitioning into a worldwide wrestling star. This book covers Buggsy’s journey around the world to territories both big and small, along with his shocking decision to walk away from the ring while still in his prime in favor of a career as a registered nurse.

Great Wrestling Venues—Alabama 1931-1935 by Jason Presley

Decades before the Fullers and Southeastern Championship Wrestling ... before the Fields brothers and Gulf Coast Wrestling, before Nick Gulas & Roy Welch, and a lifetime before the likes of WrestleBirmingham & New South, the modern age of professional wrestling took hold in 1930s Alabama.  While most of the United States was in the throes of the Great Depression, the wrestling business was experiencing the biggest expansion in its history as shows were being promoted in both small towns and big cities for crowds eager to put the hardship of the daily grind behind them.  Under the guidance of two men — Chris Jordan, an aging ring general looking to settle down and establish a legacy, and Sam Siegel, a young up-and-comer who wanted to make a name for himself in the promoting world — the wrestling scene in Alabama quickly grew into one of the busiest in the country.  During a time when weight classes were strictly maintained and the smaller athletes (those under 190 pounds) could still draw a house as a major attraction, Jordan built a light-heavyweight empire in the Yellowhammer State.  Meanwhile, Siegel tied the major Alabama cities into the national heavyweight circuit and brought in all the top names — Jim Londos, Ed (Strangler) Lewis, the Dusek brothers, Paul Jones, & Milo Steinborn.  Together, Jordan & Siegel created local stars — Joe Dillman, Freddie Knichel & Joe Gunther — who headlined the territory for decades.  Jordan & Siegel transformed Alabama from a state with scattered, infrequent shows, to a full-blown territory of its own.  In less than three years, they were running regular weekly shows in more than a dozen towns.  Fans packed the arenas to see speedy, clean wrestling middleweights and dirty, rule-breaking heavyweights.  Terrible Turks and Cherokee Chiefs.  Wrestling blacksmiths and collegiate gridiron stars.  Those enterprising promoters laid the foundation for the next several decades of exciting action in Alabama's squared-circle.  This comprehensive work covers the matches in the ring and the events that took place behind the scenes in Alabama from 1931 through 1935.  Travel down Alabama highways and enjoy the memories of more than 2,000 wrestling shows, 4,000 matches, and more than 550 illustrations and images — program covers, newspaper headlines and articles, advertisements, and memorabilia — all of which accompany the stories and information to enhance the sensation of traveling back in time.  This is yet another incredible work from Crowbar Press that you will refer to time and time again.

I'm Sorry, I Love You: A History of Professional Wrestling by Jim Smallman

2016 Comedian and PROGRESS Wrestling founder Jim Smallman takes us on a wild ride through the history of pro-wrestling, from its beginnings at the turn of the twentieth century to the pop-culture, pay-per-view juggernaut that it is today. Join Jim as he looks at the most defining and iconic moments in wrestling's history and attempts to nail down just why this ludicrous, over the top, compelling quasi-sport means so much to so many people.

One Last Ride by Scott Casey

If you were a pro wrestling fan in the 70's and 80's, you were familiar with the name "Cowboy" Scott Casey. Scott made a great name for himself in the Southwest part of the country but also traveled throughout the United States and all over the World as an accomplished professional wrestler.  In "One Last Ride", you'll learn all about Scott's ups and downs throughout his nearly 20 year professional career. You'll read first hand stories about Ric Flair, Wahoo McDaniel, Hulk Hogan and the "8th Wonder of the World" Andre the Giant.  Saddle up as "Cowboy" takes you on an unforgettable trip into the squared circle and and then along for the ride from town to town on the highways and byways of this land.

Pain Torture Agony by Ron Hutchison, with Scott Teal

Ron Hutchison, trainer of some of World Wrestling Entertainment’s biggest superstars, is hailed as one of pro wrestling’s unsung heroes.  His story begins as a wrestler on Canada’s east coast, but his journey takes us around the world to India, Japan, and the U.S. after Ron hangs up his trunks and becomes a trainer at the world-famous Sully’s Gym in Toronto. It is an account filled with history and insight into the fascinating world of pro wrestling, as well as tales of dreamers, muscleheads, a bomb threat, machine guns, Yakuza, midgets, and even a visit to the Playboy mansion in California.  Ron tells about his encounters with Rhonda (Monster Ripper) Singh, Bret (Hitman) Hart, Cuban Assassin, Jim Barnett, midget superstar Sky Low Low, and how he transformed from “Wonderboy” Ron Hutchison, a fan-favorite, into the hated Masked Thunderbolt.  With a foreword written by WWE Hall of Famer Adam (Edge) Copeland, the narrative is enhanced by original artwork drawn by Adam during his formative years, in addition to the first-time reproduction of Adam’s winning essay that earned him free wrestling training at Sully’s Gym. Also featured are rare photos of superstars Trish Stratus, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, Christian (Jason Reso), Johnny Swinger & Joe E. Legend, giving readers never-before-revealed insight into their training and developmental years.  This book is a compelling, inside-look at the tough world of pro-wrestling, but told in an informative and often humorous manner. Fasten your seatbelt as Ron Hutchison takes you on an exciting four-decade journey into the wild, no-holds-barred, wacky & amazing world of professional wrestling.

Self Help: Life Lessons from the Bizarre Wrestling Career of Al Snow by Al Snow & Ross Williams

Professional wrestler Al Snow delivers highlights from his onscreen antics and never-before-heard tales from the road in this high-flying memoir spanning 30 years in the ring.  In the late 90s, wrestling journeyman Al Snow looked in the mirror and saw a man who needed help. A man whose reputation within the wrestling industry was excellent but whose career was going nowhere. Channeling his frustration into the gimmick for which he would become best known, Al began talking to (and through) a mannequin head. With Extreme Championship Wrestling, Al reinvented himself as an unhinged neurotic and became one of the hottest acts in the most cutting-edge promotion in America when wrestling’s popularity was at its peak. This led to a journey back to the industry’s main stage, World Wrestling Entertainment, during the wildly popular Attitude Era, and in the central role as a trainer and father figure on the MTV reality show, Tough Enough.  Now, after 35 years in the industry, Al Snow tells the stories of the unbelievable yet true events that formed his career, from his in-ring recollections to out-of-ring escapades, including drunken midnight journeys with a vanfull of little people, overuse of Tasers at autograph signings, and continual attempts on his life by assorted members of the animal kingdom. Self Help is Al Snow at his best, delivering what everybody wants and needs.

Vader Time by Leon White & Kenny Casanova

Leon White grew up on the tough streets of Compton, before taking on the world. His impressive college football days led him to the NFL culminating at the Super Bowl. After reinventing himself, he debuted as a wrestler battling monsters like Bruiser Brody and Jerry Blackwell. Then, on a Japanese tour, he was given a new gimmick. As “Big Van Vader,” he beat the undefeated Antonio Inoki for the IWGP title and had his eyeball literally pulled out of his skull by Stan Hansen, initiating his own legendary monster status. After winning titles around the world with every major promotion (wrestling names like Sting, Mick Foley, Ric Flair, and Hulk Hogan) this mastodon became “The Greatest Super Heavyweight of All Time,” while also being a father. Read how his reign of terror continued even after getting an expiration date; a diagnosis of only “two years to live.” This is the story of his life …and a legacy that will last forever. This is Vader Time.

When It Was Real by Nikita Breznikov, with Scott Teal

If you want to take a trip back to your childhood, your younger, less-stressful days, then journey with us back into the magical world of professional wrestling during the years 1970 to 1979 … a time “when it was real” … a time before Hulkamania took the world by storm.  The intent of this book is not to degrade or compare the two eras of wrestling, but simply to celebrate the joy we experienced as we cheered for the good guys and razzed the heels … and we believed! It was a day in which we could see, touch, and even talk to, real-life superheroes; a day when loyal fans could attend a wrestling show in their hometown on a weekly or monthly basis; a time when pro wrestling touched our lives in a manner that cannot adequately be described.  For wrestling fans, there was no feeling like walking into Madison Square Garden, Philadelphia Spectrum, Baltimore Civic Center, Boston Garden, and countless smaller arenas in every town in the Northeast, and thousands of people set everything aside to watch wrestling on TV and cheer on their heroes like Bruno Sammartino & Bob Backlund.  Author Nikita Breznikov tells the story from two perspectives — that of a starry-eyed fan, and as the manager and tag team partner of the legendary Nikolai Volkoff. Nikita details the matches and feuds that took place during the ‘70s and gives his insightful, often-hilarious perspective of the events that took place.  Escape with Nikita as he transports you back to an era when wrestling was presented in an entertaining manner, but framed as legitimate competition. Escape once again as we did back in the day.

Here is a complete listing and details on all forthcoming professional wrestling books:

7/15 - “Cody Heart of the Mountain” by Cody Rhodes.

"Cody Heart of the Mountain teaches children that everyone has unique abilities, even their perceived enemies. By working together, readers learn they can overcome obstacles to unite the world. The engaging tale takes young readers on a sci-fi journey where nothing is as it seems. While camping in the wilderness, Cody and the Elite Team (Matt & Nick Jackson, Brandi Rhodes, Hangman Adam Page, Kenny Omega), fall under Claw Mountain’s powerful spell. The friends take on bear and wolf qualities as two rival groups form. Divided by mistrust and jealousy, Cody must find a way to lead the team back together. Will the friends be able to work together and embrace their differences in order to break the spell?"

7/31 Jim Cornette Presents: Behind the Curtain—Real Pro Wrestling Stories by Jim Cornette, Brandon Easton & Denis Medri

"Pro-Wrestling's secrets and greatest moments are immortalized in this graphic novel from legendary wrestling personality Jim Cornette. A true-story style anthology, these insider tales will show the lengths that wrestlers went to uphold "kayfabe" (the old carny term for the presentation of legitimate conflict), as well as the noteworthy cultural, racial, and economic effects these events and characters had on society. This is the graphic novel that old school wrestling fans have been waiting their entire lives for: a no-holds-barred representation of the moments that wrestling insiders couldn't talk about for years."

8/6 - The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Storytellers (From the Terrible Turk to Twitter) by Greg Oliver & Steve Johnson

"The legendary storytellers worthy of a spot in the pro wrestling hall of fame.  You can’t escape pro wrestling today, even if you want to. Its stars are ubiquitous in movies, TV shows, product endorsements, swag, and social media to the point that they are as much celebrities as they are athletes. Pro wrestling has morphed from the fringes of acceptability to a global $1 billion industry that plays an everyday role in 21st-century pop culture.  In The Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: The Storytellers (from the Terrible Turk to Twitter), Greg Oliver and Steven Johnson explain how the sport’s unique take on storytelling has fueled its remarkable expansion. Based on hundreds of interviews and original accounts, Oliver and Johnson describe the imaginative ways in which wrestlers and promoters have used monkeys, murderers, smelt, and wedding cakes to put butts in seats and encourage clicks, likes, and swipes across countless screens. As they trace the evolution of wrestling storytelling, Oliver and Johnson take readers on a winding journey from the New York City Bowery in the 1890s to a Detroit bar in the 1960s to a North Carolina backyard in 2017, meeting up along the way with all manner of scoundrels, do-gooders, scribes, and alligators. Storytellersis a highly readable, heavily researched book that will leave readers with a new appreciation for the fine (and sometimes not-so-fine) art of storytelling."

8/6 - There’s No Such Thing As a Bad Kid: How I Went from Stereotype to Prototype by Titus O'Neil

"An inspiring story from one of WWE’s most charitable Superstars.  One conversation from one caring person can change the course of a child’s life ? Titus O’Neil knows that first-hand. Growing up, he was repeatedly confronted with negative words and actions. By the time he was a teenager, he figured that he was the bad kid everyone said he was ? until an adult looked him in the eye and said, “There is no such thing as a bad kid.” Unfortunately, like young Titus, many children across North America are labeled “bad.” They may have short attention spans, unstable home environments, inattentive parents, or learning difficulties; they may get into trouble at school, get bullied, or bully others. Often, these young people are diagnosed with an emotional or behavioral disorder and placed in special education classes. They internalize these labels, and the imposed limitations affect their ability to learn, behave, and fit in with others.  There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Kid chronicles Titus’s turbulent childhood years as he encountered those who helped him to shed the label and realize his unique greatness and his value and potential. Titus’s remarkable story will provide hope and inspiration to children in similar circumstances and will help guide well-meaning adults in how to pay forward their successes to a generation of disadvantaged children."

9/3 - Soulman: The Rocky Johnson Story by Rocky Johnson & Scott Teal.  

"Before there was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, there was “Soulman” Rocky Johnson.  At 14, Rocky Johnson left home to seek fortune and, after a short stint in boxing, decided to make professional wrestling his career. He had his first match in 1965 and never looked back. An incredibly agile and talented wrestler for a man his size, he was a featured main-eventer in every territory he worked ? Vancouver, Los Angeles, Florida, New York, and all points in between. He also appeared in wrestling arenas worldwide, including in Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Samoa, and Puerto Rico.  In Soulman, Johnson explores not only his career accomplishments, but also reflects upon what his achievements, as a direct descendant of slaves, mean historically and for Black culture. In the South, he shattered racial barriers when he became the first African-American to win the Southern, Georgia, and Florida heavyweight titles, and in 1983, he teamed with Tony Atlas to become the first all-Black WWWF tag team champions. Rocky sees his greatest accomplishment, however, in his son Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson whom he trained to be a wrestler in 1995 and who is now the highest-paid actor in Hollywood and one of the most-recognized names in the world.  Soulman: The Rocky Johnson Story is an in-depth look at the life of a self-made man who wouldn’t let anything stand in his way on the road to success."

9/3 - 35 Years of Wrestlemania by Brian Shields & Dean Miller.

"This new edition of the fan-favorite, bestselling title 30 Years of WrestleMania (pub. 2014) brings the story of the biggest event in the WWE calendar right up to date with 32 pages of brand-new content.  Ever since the first-ever WrestleMania in March 1985, this annual, weeklong, sold-out event has attracted hundreds of thousands of sports entertainment fans from all over the world. WrestleMania is where every WWE Superstar wants to make his or her name. WWE Champions such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Sable, and Lita have all found WrestleMania the perfect showcase for their incredible talents.  35 Years of WrestleMania allows sports entertainment fans to relive, or discover, all the most exciting matches, celebrity appearances, and controversies in this premier event's storied history. The key historic matches of every Wrestlemania are explored in depth. Spectacular full-color photographs from WWE's own archive--many never seen before--superbly capture WrestleMania's unrivaled glamour, and many of the most action-packed, unforgettable moments, both in the ring and behind the scenes. Get ready for the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment!"

9/10 -Life Is Short and So Am I: My Life Inside, Outside, and Under the Wrestling Ring by Dylan Post & Ross Owen Williams

"Heart, determination, and triumph.  This is the story of a boy who fell in love with wrestling before he was able to walk. Born with achondroplasia, a condition that causes disproportionate dwarfism, Dylan Postl had endured multiple surgeries by the age of 12. And yet, he held on to the dream that he would one day become a professional wrestler. Ignoring the naysayers and against doctors’ recommendations, Postl began training in his teens, and he soon began appearing on local independent shows. Before he turned 20, he was signed by WWE to play the role of Irish grappler Finlay’s feisty sidekick, Hornswoggle, and remained a fixture in the company for a full decade.  While most of Postl’s adult life has been spent in the wild world of the wrestling industry, his is more than a story of a little person’s journey through a world of giants; it’s a memoir of elation and anguish, triumph and disappointment, and of how an endlessly positive outlook combined with the unwavering support of family and friends helped a long shot become a success in his industry and a loving, responsible father."

10/3 - Job Man: My Life in Professional Wrestling by Chris Multrer & Larry Widen

"Milwaukee-native Chris Multerer wrestled for more than a decade, starting in 1978, on professional circuits around the United States. As a “job man,” Multerer made the superstars of wrestling, such as Mad Dog Vachon and Hulk Hogan, shine. In cities around the country, thousands of screaming fans cheered when their favorite wrestlers pinned and punished Multerer in a variety of painful ways.   In Job Man, Multerer, along with his friend Larry Widen, shows what life was like for wrestlers outside the spotlight. Long nights on the road, thoughtful takes on some the biggest personalities in the business, and, perhaps most of all, a love for the sport, are as much a part of Multerer’s revealing and remarkable story as his time in the ring."

11/5 - For Your Consideration: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson by Tres Dean

"There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and the awesomeness of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. This illustrated collection of humorous essays and fun extras makes the case for one of our most iconic celebrities, from the wrestling mat to the silver screen.  Sporting a proverbial perfect Rotten Tomatoes score of 100%, Certified Fresh, The Rock embodies everything we want from our Hollywood superstars . . . and everything we admire in those who so boldly pursue the American Dream. But how did it all happen? How did a loathed professional wrestler become the most famous person in the world? Was it just good timing? Years of trial and error? Countless hours in the gym? A winning smile? Or his total mastery of Instagram Stories?  For Your Consideration: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson looks at the distinct phases of the legend’s career, examining the ways in which he has become both an onscreen heartthrob and an off-screen hero. Composed of five critical essays and fun extras, including an all-Rock version of the Oscars, a quiz identifying the best Rock character to take to the prom, and a definitive ranking of The Rock's catchphrases, this book is sure to satisfy pop culture enthusiasts and The Rock's hardcore fans alike."

11/5  - WWE: Then Now Forever Vol. 4 

"The newest collection of short stories spanning WWE’s history.  WOOOOO! Return to some of the greatest moments in WWE history from across multiple eras of Sports Entertainment. Featuring such titanic clashes as Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka, Ric Flair’s retirement match against Shawn Michaels, and Undertaker vs. Kane from WrestleMania 14, this collection is truly a showstopper. Collects stories from WWE: Forever #1 and WWE: WrestleMania 2019 Special #1."

11/23New Jack: Memoir of a Pro Wrestling Extremist by New Jack and Jason Norman.

"You may have cheered for New Jack. You may have booed him out of the building. You may have even feared him at times. But until now, you've never really known The Most Dangerous Man in Wrestling.  For the first time, the man born Jerome Young opens up about how he became one of the stars who enabled Extreme Championship Wrestling to make a permanent mark on the professional landscape. His crazed dives off balconies and scaffolds; his bloody, weapon-filled mat wars that trampled the line between reality and entertainment--this memoir reveals the perspective of the man at the center of them all and includes new disclosures about the infamous incidents with Mass Transit, Gypsy Joe, and the stabbing of a fellow wrestler in Florida. Beyond the gimmicks that united white supremacists and the NAACP against him and his fellow performers, New Jack candidly discusses the violence in his youth that nearly led him to a career in crime, his past as a bounty hunter, a near-fatal drug addiction, the last months of ECW, and his place in wrestling history."

11/26 - Mayor Kane: My Life in Wrestling and Liberty by Glenn Jacobs

"In an era where political outsiders are successfully challenging the establishment, WWE superstar Glenn "Kane" Jacobs won the election to become mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.  Even in his heyday in wrestling, Jacobs was inspired to pursue politics by popular libertarian figures such as former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, Republican Senator Rand Paul, Fox News' Judge Andrew Napolitano and others, and that led him to fulfill his own political ambitions.  Before becoming Mayor Kane, Glenn "Kane" Jacobs was one of WWE's top Superstars for over two decades and traveled the globe with the likes of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, John Cena, Ric Flair, and many others. He dominated the WWE with The Undertaker as the "Brothers of Destruction." Kane reinvented himself with the help of Daniel Bryan forming "Team Hell No." He set "Good ol' JR," Jim Ross on fire.  The wrestler-turned-politician hasn't hung up his wrestling boots yet. Politics is a contact sport and Jacobs is using his wrestling skills in that arena. Jacobs supports President Trump and his agenda, and is implementing conservative policies in Tennessee."

2/17/20 - Professional Wrestling: Sport and Spectacle, Second Edition by Sharon Mazer

Professional wrestling is one of the most popular performance practices in the United States and around the world, drawing millions of spectators to live events and televised broadcasts. The displays of violence, simulated and actual, may be the obvious appeal, but that is just the beginning. Fans debate performance choices with as much energy as they argue about their favorite wrestlers. The ongoing scenarios and presentations of manly and not-so-manly characters?from the flamboyantly feminine to the hypermasculine?simultaneously celebrate and critique, parody and affirm the American dream and the masculine ideal.  Sharon Mazer looks at the world of professional wrestling from a fan’s-eye-view high in the stands and from ringside in the wrestlers’ gym. She investigates how performances are constructed and sold to spectators, both on a local level and in the “big leagues” of the WWF/E. She shares a close-up view of a group of wrestlers as they work out, get their faces pushed to the mat as part of their initiation into the fraternity of the ring, and dream of stardom. In later chapters, Mazer explores professional wrestling’s carnivalesque presentation of masculinities ranging from the cute to the brute, as well as the way in which the performances of women wrestlers often enter into the realm of pornographic. Finally, she explores the question of the “real” and the “fake” as the fans themselves confront it.  First published in 1998, this new edition of Professional Wrestling: Sport and Spectacle both preserves the original’s snapshot of the wrestling scene of the 1980s and 1990s and features an up-to-date perspective on the current state of play.

3/31/20 - Under the Black Hat: My Life in the WWE and Beyond by Jim Ross

From legendary wrestling announcer Jim Ross comes a candid, colorful memoir about the inner workings of the WWE and the personal crises he weathered at the height of his career.  Jim Ross has been the beloved voice of the WWE—and now All-Elite Wrestling—for decades, but there is so much more to the man than fans know. In this follow-up to his 2017 memoir Slobberknocker, Ross shares the story of professional wrestling’s rise from a quirky sideshow to a multi-billion-dollar industry in the 1990s and 2000s.  Under the Black Hat is packed with stories from the height of WWE madness, including Ross’s nurturing of global talents like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and John Cena. It traces the fracture of Ross’s relationship with Vince McMahon, his triumphant return to Wrestlemania 32, and the heartbreaking challenges he suffered behind the scenes, include multiple debilitating bouts of facial paralysis and the sudden, tragic death of his wife, Jan.   For all its larger-than life characters, Ross’s story is endearingly human in scale, turning a gruff but gentle eye to themes of professional ennui, ageism, disability and grief. Told with heart, humor, and unfailing honesty, Under the Black Hat is a gift not only for his many lifelong fans, but the new ones he’s sure to find.

TBA - Tito Santana autobiography

TBA - Justin Credible autobiography.

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