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By Adam Cardoza on 2019-07-10 22:24:00

Beyond Wrestling “Uncharted Territory: Episode 15”

7/10/19 Worcester, MA

It’s a Canadian stampede tonight as Ethan Page makes his return to a Beyond ring, bringing Kobe Durst and Alexia Nicole along for the fight! Additionally, we will see the first time tag pairing of Thomas Santell and Nick Gage as well as Kris Statlander making an appearance to address her future in Beyond. There’s a lot of storylines kicking around tonight as we barrel ever closer to Americanrana on July 28th at Foxwoods. Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella are on commentary.

Kris Statlander is out first. She’s unusually reserved on her way out here. She says it’s been a rough couple of weeks...and the Top Dogs (Davienne and Skyler) hit the ring with their Puppy, Sierra. They garner a slew of boo’s as they rip into Statlander for getting a segment devoted to her...where she’s supposed to announce that she’s signed a contract somewhere and leaving. They bring Sierra and tell her to slap Kris in the face to prove she can be a Top Dog. She does an awkward palm strike after she’s bullied into the act. Statlander gets the mic and berates them for cheating and bullying their way around Beyond and that the only thing she’s leaving is boot prints on their faces. She calls out Leyla Hirsch to be her tag partner against the Top Dogs later. That’s coming up later! Classic booking but it was fast and it worked.

Match 1: Wheeler Yuta vs DL Hurst

Well, this match was clearly booked with my personal enjoyment in mind. Lock up and Hurst tries to toss Yuta and wear him down instantly. Wheeler bounces back (literally) to hit some springboard offense and a big dropkick. Hurst ain’t having it and decks and clubs Yuta till he’s seeing stars. Big delayed slam from Hurst and a cocky foot pin almost goes sideways with a rollup. Yuta with a tope and barely misses the chairs. Another big slam from Hurst and Yuta barely makes the count. Yuta going for a armbar and Hurst one arms him up and slams him down. Big DVD for a two count. Yuta scrambles into a modified trailer hitch and switches to a STF to get the tap out.

Winner: Wheeler Yuta

Well that was great. Excellent energy from both guys and plenty of chemistry in this opener. Yuta had a better showing than last week against Alex Reynolds and the crowd had a good DL Hurst chant going at the end. Crowd loves both guys here and they got a show in return. They announce a hardcore no-rules tornado tag match....and it’s not Nick Gage...

Match 2: Jimmy Lloyd & KTB vs Bear Country (Bear Bronson & Bear Beefcake)

Well this is gonna get wild as hell. Everyone here can brawl like crazy and I’m told there’s a lot of chairs under the ring. Oh look, we already have doors set up in the corner. Let’s have us a war. Lloyd and KTB out early. The bears dive after them but eat chairs to the face. Bears take chair shots to the head before DVD’ing their opponents into set up chairs. KTB’s did not break right....owwww. Lloyd and KTB hit moonsaults, stunners and sentons. Big kickoff destroyer leaves both bears down in the corner as more chairs get set up to hold doors. Beefcake falls through the door after a superkick and Bronson gets AA’d from the top into the debris. Goddamn. Bronson up and tombstones Lloyd through a setup chair. O_O Double cannonball through the second door and the Bears hit their big electric chair splash on Lloyd for the pin.

Winner: Bear Country

Jesus. Christ. What a damn car crash. Fast. Furious. Dangerous as all get out in spots but what a wild thing we just witnessed. Beefcake on the mic. They want one thing at Americanrana. 


Yes, please. XD

It’s time for the Discovery Gauntlet! You gotta win it to stay in it! Casanova is out with Beyond’s most hateable sleazeball, Cam Zagami.

Match 3: Christian Casanova (w/ Cam Zagami) vs Kobe Durst

Cam is already making his presence felt, distracting Durst to let Casanova hit a superkick. Kobe is pissed and hits a series of running forearms and a falcon arrow for a two count. Kobe to the apron and Casanova springboard DDT’s him to the canvas. Christian hits a ton of shots to the midsection, just wearing Durst down. Durst hits a big leg lariat to even out the damage. Trading forearm shots and Casanova is backed up, put on the top, ranaed down, and Kobe hits a top rope codebreaker. Great sequence but Casanova kicks out. Casanova going for that apron DDT again and Durst piledrivers him into it hard. Eek. KOBE DURST GOES FOR THE RAM JAM....but misses. Corkscrew uranage but Durst kicks out. High angle top rope famouser from Casanova and that’s it for the Diamond Tiger.

Winner: Christian Casanova

Solid work here. Durst wasn’t winning this fight but held his own against the superior Casanova. Zagami is on the mic but the booing is so loud that all I know for sure is he called us a bunch of losers. What a heat magnet!

Match 4: Solo Darling (w/ K9 Magnum) vs Alexia Nicole

Magnum gets the loudest chants. What a good dog. Alexia is not a dog person so she is booed. Test of strength but Solo is too strong. Cheap shot gets Solo down and Alexia locks in a bridging choke. Solo starts throwing a series of thudding chest kicks to get a two count. Honey Steamer suplex and another two count. Solo’s got that leg and tries to get the sharpshooter on. Frustrated she goes into a seated leg lock but Alexia gets the rope. Solo with a spin out side slam and finally locks in the sharpshooter to get the tap.

Winner: Solo Darling

This didn’t even feel competitive. This was probably the easiest opponent Solo has had in weeks. Good showing as Darling was dominant but nothing super standout.

Milk Chocolate is out here! They want to show they are the toughest tag team in Beyond...and they are gonna challenge Thomas Santell & Nick Gage to a fight. Hoooooooboy...they’re gonna die.

Match 5: Nick Gage & Thomas Santell vs Milk Chocolate (Randy Summers & Brandon Watts)

Milk Chocolate hits dives during the entrance to throw Santell & Gage off. Summers with a top rope stomp to Gage on the outside. Watts with a top rope famouser to Santell for a two count. Milk Chocolate double teams the need but he won’t stay down. Santell fights back and Gage joins the fray. Tandem piledriver to Summers sends him outside. Gage with a spinebuster to Watts and Santel wraps up the sugar hold for the tap out.

Winners: Santell & Gage

Milk Chocolate started hot but couldn’t withstand even a minute of their opponents firing back up. Blink and you’d miss it but this was fun.

We introduce John Sebastian, owner of Feast Championship Wrestling, who unveils the new FCW Championship belt and announces that at Americanrana, it will be reigning champ Cheeseburger defending it in a ladder match. Ken Doane is in the ring to say he’s entering himself in the match to win the belt and disappoint all the joke fake wrestlers and their fans. Anthony Greene tries to run him off but gets decked for his trouble. Doane has John Sebastian. Lights out. A green glow. Lights up and it’s Johnny Cockstrong! He fights off Doane with a big purple dildo. Doane clubs him down too and leaves out the back door, making sure to stop at the bar on his way out.

So......that....was a thing that happened.

Match 6: Chuck O’Neil vs “Big Bacon” Brad Hollister

Chuck comes out with a running knee but Big Bacon tosses him to the mat. Hollister with a headlock and tries to work O’Neil down. A cocky Chuck gets the ropes but Brad shoves him across the ring. Chuck wants a test of strength but worms out and tries to hit that running knee again. Bacon dodges. Chuck with a monkey flip but Hollister lands on his feet confidently. He seems to have an answer for everything Chuck is throwing as he suplexes him around the ring. Springboard into Chuck on the outside. Bad landing and Brad instantly says he’s done. Room goes silent as the ref is forced to call for the bell. Hollister looks hurt bad as he’s helped to the back.

Winner: Chuck O’Neil (by referee stoppage)

What an unfortunate ending. This was hot as hell and Chuck had no answers for anything. Chuck is back on the mic and says that he considers Brad a friend and he’s legit as hell but he doesn’t want a win like that. Chuck calls out Wheeler Yuta, who he says is NOT legit. Yuta hits the ring hot and wraps up Chuck and sends him over the top. Refs break up and pull Chuck to the back. I wanna make a point to credit O’Neil for pulling the crowd back up into the action after a proper show of respect for Hollister.

Match 7: Josh Briggs vs “All Ego” Ethan Page

Page wants to talk on the mic. Briggs wants to wrestle. Page heard a rumor that Briggs challenged Johnny Foxwoods. Page runs down Beyond as a B-League feeder for WWE. He has a message from Johnny, and clubs Briggs with the mic. Briggs is getting stomped out but fires up to hit a big splash and toss Page across the ring. Briggs with a couple of dives to the outside but Page wraps him up in the apron curtain and kicks the big man down. Briggs is getting run back first into the apron as Page trashes talks himself up as a world traveling successful professional wrestler. Huge suplex from Page for a two count. Spin out backbreaker from Briggs for a two count. Page dodged the chokeslam but eats a yakuza kick. Briggs running at the corner and gets hit with a superkick. Trading shots at the corner until Briggs hits the chokeslam but Page kicks out. More back and forth strikes until Briggs gets run into the post shoulder first, slammed from the top and a big elbow for a two count. Page gets Briggs up for a powerbomb but Briggs rana’s through and hits the chokeslam/powerbomb combo for the pin!

Winner: Josh Briggs

Solid wrestling match from these two. Page is a great trash talker and Briggs looked a threat on his way to Americanrana. This could have been hotter but the crowd is still coming back from what happened in the match before and this match is a victim of that.

Main Event: Kris Statlander & Leyla Hirsch vs Top Dogs (Skylar & Davienne w/ Sierra)

Leyla is main eventing Beyond after two great outings over the last two shows. Statlander is putting these dogs to sleep as Hirsch hits a great tope to both, landing on her feet. Great tandem work from Statlander and Hirsch as they beat down Davienne in the corner. Statlander misses a yakuza kick and an interfering Skylar capitalizes. Top Dogs working over the Alien now, choking her against the middle rope and kmhitting some clubbing chest forearms. Running Davienne dropkicks wraps Statlander around the ring post. Ow. Wheelbarrow splash and Skylar gets the two count. Skylar with a straight jacket backstabber for another two count. Hirsch want in badly. Statlander with a cartwheel kick and we get a double tag. Hirsch in and on fire, German suplexing everything in sight. Davienne finally snatched her into a side driver. She tries to powerbomb Hirsch but can’t make it work. Statlander in and bombs Hirsch onto Davienne. Skyler with a awkward slam to Leyla and Statlander with a blue thunder bomb to Skylar. Everyone down and they are trading strikes as they arise. Big sequence ends with a rising knee from Skylar to Statlander. Tower of doom setup results in Davienne getting powerbombed. Hirsch is standing on Statlander’s’s shaky but she hits the moonsault to Davienne for the pin.

Winners: Statlander & Hirsch

This match felt like it was on the verge of falling apart the whole time but it all worked out in the end. Hirsch is still learning but is over with the Worcester crowd, only 3 weeks into her tenure here. Top Dogs have no trouble getting heat. Statlander asks if we want to know where she’s going? Kris Statlander is going to AMERICANRANA!!! She wants to fight Kimber Lee one more time! Solo Darling is out here. Darling is not to be overlooked and she wants a shot at week!

And that’s it for Episode 15. It’s always unfortunate when an injury happens, it can suck the energy out of a room and it’s very hard to recover from. I’m hearing Hollister hurt his knee and we wish him the best in recovery. Tonight’s show managed to pull back from the brink after that incident and that in and of itself should be commended. Good story work heading to Americanrana, a couple of great throw downs and we now know some excellent contests for Beyond’s biggest show. I’m sad for the match we lost out on in Hollister and O’Neil but I’m sure Denver Colorado will run it back when Big Bacon is back on his feet. Until next time!

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