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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-10 21:53:00

Roman Reigns' return to WWE following his battle with leukemia was voted the Best WWE Moment of the Year for the 2019 ESPYS Awards, it was announced this evening during the red carpet festivities of the event.

Reigns commented on the win via Twitter:

Reigns later appeared on the ABC broadcast of the awards, presenting an award to college basketball coach Jim Calhoun.

"For me just to be able to be healthy was the only award I needed," Reigns told the WWE website.  "This is just so flattering for everyone to kind of lift me up and show me that I have that support system and that love from everybody.  It was never about awards or anything like that. It was just about awareness, it was just about sharing my story and hopefully someone could use it for a little bit of hope."

Triple H, Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch, Stephanie McMahon and Universal Champion Seth Rollins were in attendance at the ESPYs.

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