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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-08 23:32:00

Impact Champion Brian Cage worked the Slammiversary PPV in a lot of pain with continued back issues.  I can't even begin to express the level of work ethic involved for Cage to have performed at the level he did against Michael Elgin last night. 

Expect a big push for Tessa Blanchard to continue in the weeks to come.  Her Slammiversary main event bout with Sami Callihan was not the end of the current planned story for Blanchard, who will likely factor into one of the top bouts at Bound for Glory this October.  Her loss was not meant to be the end of her story.  In fact, the big moment was meant to be Callihan, who as a character has zero redeeming qualities, being so impressed by the fight Blanchard brought that even he showed her respect after their fight.

There's been talk that LAX finished up at Slammiversary.  We haven't confirmed that.  Their deals were slated to expire in August.  Impact had seen signing them as a huge priority with one source noting that both Santana and Ortiz were going to be offered "top money" but obviously there is a lot of potential money for a team of that caliber elsewhere, especially in AEW where tag teams are going to be a huge priority.

In regard to a TV deal, there was hope they'd have something locked in to announced today, but obviously that didn't happen.  While the company can remain on Pursuit indefinitely, obviously that's not the best thing for the promotion long-term.

This week's Impact Wrestling will be a look at the Slammiversary PPV with content that was filmed over the course of the weekend.  The plan is to pattern it similar to the old "Reaction" specials and if this works, perhaps do a similar episode after major PPVs.  

While the roster flew home today, the creative team remained in Dallas today to work on future plans.

The doctor who has popped up on Impact TV and on last night's Slammiversary PPV is being portrayed by Anthem Media's Ariel Shnerer.

The Jordynne Grave vs. Madison Rayne vs. Kiera Hogan bout taped before the PPV will be featured on a future episode of Impact.

A number of Anthem executives were in attendance at Slammiversary.

The North, Ethan Page and Josh Alexander are doing look backs at older Asylum era Impact Wrestling PPV events on the company's Twitch channel every Tuesday at 8 PM EST.  The company's Deep Impact special from this past Saturday night is also available on the channel for VOD replays.

Impact will be running this Sunday 7/14 at the Don Kolov Arena at Battle Arts Academy with Michael Elgin, Sami Callihan, Ace Austin, Taya Valkyrie, Madison Rayne, Sami Callihan, Tessa Blanchard, Willie Mack and more scheduled.  The theme of the show seems to be enemies teaming with each other.  The show is billed as a TV taping.  For ticket information, click here

Impact is offering a package deal for the Slammiversary DVD and t-shirt for $40 at this link.

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