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By Dave Scherer on 2019-07-08 14:28:00

In what may be a sign that the second quarter WWE Network subscriber numbers are less than what WWE had anticipated, they expect quarter three subscriptions to drop precipitously or maybe a mix of both, WWE sent an email out today to addresses in their database, as well as current subscribers, offering the next three months of the WWE Network for just 99 cents.  The email promotes that by signing up now, you would get Extreme Rules this Sunday, NXT Takeover Toronto, SummerSlam and the September 15 Clash of Champions events.

People that sign up now would be on the books into October with their membership.

Obviously, that would tie them up through the end of the third quarter.  Best case scenario is that it would bolster the current subscriber number and potentially enable them to give a better subscriber outlook when they do their Second Quarter Investor conference call.

On the first quarter conference call, the company said that expected Network subscriptions to drop by about 300,000 due to WrestleMania airing in the quarter and the comeback fans leaving after the event.  WWE has not announced the date of the Second Quarter call yet, but in 2018 it was in the last week of July. 

Thanks to the one and only Andru Edwards for his help with this story.

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