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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-08 12:52:00

Francisco "Paco" Alonso, the President of Mexico's CMLL and one of the most important and powerful promoters in the history of not just lucha libre, but professional wrestling, passed away yesterday at the age of 66.    For those unaware of the importance of Alonso's importance and legacy, this would be equal to the passing of Vince McMahon.  The circumstances of his passing have yet to be announced.

Alonso had been running CMLL, one of the oldest wrestling promotions in the world after taking over the helm from his Uncle, Salvador Lutteroth Jr., in 1987.  Alonso was the third in line overseeing the promotion following its original founder, Salvator Lutteroth Sr.  The promotion, formerly known as EMLL, has been running multiple events consistently since 1933, including the world famous Arena Mexico and Arena Coliseo venues, which the promotion owns.  It's one of the biggest franchises in lucha libre.  CMLL owning its own venues allows them to run consistently in the same places without the usual overhead that comes with touring live events.  The promotion runs as many as 24 events a week, allowing them great promotional power in terms of controlling talents and important venues alike.

Alonso had been involved in a number of promotional wars over the years, including most famously the promotion's seemingly eternal and personal battle against AAA, which ignited when then-booker Antonio Pena jumped from the promotion, taking a number of top stars with him, including Konnan. 

Unlike most promoters, Alonso did not make himself a big public persona, choosing instead to do his maneuverings behind the scenes, including forging working relationships with New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor.  He has a reputation for being someone who kept his eye on the business end of the company while leaving his bookers to their own devices, but when someone crossed the promotion, Alonso would immediately bring down the hammer, banning them from any association with CMLL or CMLL-associated promoters.

Alonso is also credited with giving Chris Jericho his first real push in professional wrestling as Corazon de Leon aka Lionheart.

Alonso's passing leaves an irreplaceable void in the world of lucha and it's not an understatement to say that CMLL will never be the same.

On behalf of everyone associated with, we'd like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Paco Alonso as well as lucha fans across the world.

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