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By Dave Scherer on 2019-07-08 10:00:00

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We are now two events into AEW History. Two events where Kenny, Young Bucks, Adam Page win and Cody doesn’t technically take a loss either. Will this be a pattern where the Elite are always putting themselves over? 

Only they know for sure but I think all of the guys you mentioned are savvy enough to realize that if that is how they book, they will kill the company.  I think once they get to TV they will realize that they need to lose matches.

Does Vince know, or care, that his current booking strategy is endangering the product?  First, there’s his Wild Card Rule that has a handful of performers appearing on both Raw and Smackdown, and in my opinion, overexposing the audience to these individuals.  Second, there’s the complete ridiculousness of “the best in the world,” Shane McMahon.  The guy is 49, has lost a step, or a few feet in his jumps, is no longer believable, and should not be going over against younger and better conditioned performers.  And finally, there’s the slapstick 24/7 championship.  So far, it is the most “who cares?” title in the history of the business.  Considering these factors, and the on-air minutes they consume, valuable time is lost that could be used to build up, or rebuild, EC3, Shinsuke, Asuka, Bobby Roode, and numerous other performers.

He knows that SOMETHING is hurting his product so he is reaching into his bag of tricks to turn that around, all while not acknowledging that the main problem is the way he has beeb booking things.  So he knows there is a problem, he just doesn’t know what is causing it.

Let me get this straight. WWE brings Kevin Owens back as a face 5 months ago. Shortly after they turn him heel to feud w/ Kofi. Now he’s a face again? Is this just a case where WWE never wanted to turn KO heel but had to because they needed someone to feud w/ Kofi? In think when u turn someone so quickly and often it hurts them because fans stop caring. Thoughts?

It’s just typical frenetic Vince booking.  I agree that people stop caring when they treat the talents like that.  It’s a big reason why they are where they are right now.  Instead of building unique characters, everyone is the same and generic.  When you add in how often they turn people, usually without any real explanation, it just makes it all worse.

On Smackdown this week, they cut away during the middle of an Andrade/Apollo Crews match in which there was no 2 of 3 falls stipulation or any other official break in the match.  This is only one week after Vince McMahon instituted his "no cut away during a match" edict.  What happened here?  Is this a result of Eric Bischoff's new direction?  Or has Vince changed his mind already, which he seems to be doing a lot lately?

See above.  There is no long term direction under Vince and that leads to things that make little sense. 

Speaking of Vince's new edict, we have been getting about one or two 2 of 3 falls matches per show since it was instituted.  If this rule sticks around for some time, do you think it will water down the concept of 2 of 3 falls matches and make them seem less special than they rightly should be?

Absolutely, it will make them generic.  The idea of those kinds of matches are they are built to, not thrown out with no real reason.  If they keep doing them in this way, they will mean little to nothing.

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