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By Dave Scherer on 2019-07-07 10:00:00

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So we got the Heyman/Bischoff announcements and what now looks like a sudden shift from PG.  Do you think it's possible these moves are not just about the ratings, but also maybe an attempt to head AEW off at the pass?

OK, first things first, let’s not say WWE has abandoned their approach totally.  They have a LOT of deals in place and mainstream acceptance that they don’t want to just throw away.  With that said, the moves to hire Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman were done in an effort to stop erosion of the audience, which has gotten pretty bad lately.  With NFL football two months away from returning, plus Smackdown moving to FOX in October, the company is attempting to stop the bleeding.  Do they also want to put their best foot forward with AEW coming into existence?  Sure, but anyone who says that the company is running scared due to AEW is obviously forgetting that WWE will be making over $500 million dollars a year for the next five years on their TV deals.  Some AEW supporters are going off the deep end.  At the end of the day, AEW has put tickets for four shows on sale, and sold out half of them.  People need to take a serious chill pill when they say AEW will wipe out WWE, or even that WWE will drastically change the way they do things just to combat the new promotion.

Do you think that someone like Becky Lynch for example could very well make the PWI 500 list?

In a word, yes and not just her.  The PWI 500 was all about male wrestlers back in the day, but things have changed and they should change with them.

So with Paul Heyman the executive director of RAW, and Eric Bischoff the executive director of SDLIve. Who is the executive director of PPV?

The same person that is the real final say on Raw and Smackdown, Vince McMahon. 

Will either of them have creative say so? If so how does this work on dual PPVS?

Again, it comes down to Vince.

The AFKA as Dean Ambrose has had a lot to say about the WWE process of late. A lot of it is quite disparaging. He also seems to be scratching a lot of itches and signing up for a lot of promotions and matches around the world. Do you think there are many in WWE who agree with Mr Moxley and how many do you think would do the same if given a chance? 

I don’t think it, I know there.  There are a lot more people like Moxley, who feel that the WWE creative process needs a major overhaul, than there are like Seth Rollins, who thinks that everything is super peachy.  But what it comes down to is money.  Not all of the talents can walk and earn big money the way that Moxley can, so they have to really think about their decision if it presents itself.

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