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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-06 10:10:00

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Do you get a Public Enemy vibe from The Street Profits on Raw?

I could see a little of that, but I don't think they will be designed or presented to be like TPE.  I think you might be assuming that because Paul Heyman is involved in Raw.

New Japan having the G1 in the United States is a big deal.  I was wondering if you are going to cover it?

I am writing this from Dallas, so yes, we are going to cover it.  Richard Trionfo will be doing play by play based on the broadcast while I will be live in Dallas and live blogging thoughts.  I was also at the media day yesterday with a few hours of interviews with New Japan talent already up for our Elite subscribers.

I see Jon Moxley worked Killer Kross' show last night in Vegas instead of appearing for the G1 press conference.  Why?

Moxley is under contract to AEW and my guess is that appearing on national TV in the United States for another company would be an issue.  I don't blame AEW for enforcing that if that's the case.

Was Eric Bischoff at Smackdown?

He was scheduled to be but was not there.  He's said he's concentrating on moving to Stamford, so it may be the company wants him to get his family settled before he starts his official duties.  But, he was not seen by anyone I spoke to who worked the taping.

Whatever happened to Simon Diamond?

He is retired and living in New Jersey, having great success as a realtor and raising his family.  He was an excellent producer and I am surprised WWE or AEW haven't tried to bring him back to pro wrestling.

With all the talk of creative writers being brought back, why has no one ever hired Matt Conway to come back to wrestling?

Great question.  I don't know the answer to that one as he was always given good marks as a creative person and as a writer when he was in Impact.  I know he currently works for a company his family owns and has had a family of his own in recent years, so perhaps he just wants to remain closer to home.  I am surprised WWE has never explored bringing him and Dave Lagana in as they were a good team in Impact.

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