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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-05 10:00:00

With WWE allowing some cursing on TV, do you think we are getting closer to the return of blood on WWE TV AKA blading?

I hope not.  I really, sincerely believe that blood can add a great dramatic dimension to a moment in pro wrestling, but with what we know about blood borne diseases,  any use of blood that isn't hardway should be used extremely sparingly and shouldn't be on TV.  If someone is cut hardway, that's one thing, but blading should be all but eliminated in most cases and I hope WWE isn't considering its return.

With Paul Heyman overseeing Raw, does this increase the chances that perhaps Samoa Joe will finally win the WWE title?

You never know, but the WWE title is technically Smackdown's domain, so perhaps not.

Whatever happened to female wrestler Magnificent Mimi?

She's retired and living in California working in the stunt world.

Could you ever see WWE Network adding DDPY access to the Network for either additional monthly costs through them or the program itself? I feel that the program could add subscribers.

I am actually shocked WWE hasn't licensed DDPYoga.  It's a no brainer to me, but given that the DDPYoga app is extremely successful financially, I totally understand why.  DDP isn't going to cannibalize that unless it's worth his while.

What are the odds AEW invades the G1 Climax show this weekend?



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