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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-04 10:00:00

Should AEW make a real effort to rein in the cheesy comedy skits, especially during its infancy? I feel as though the last 2 pre-shows, with their librarians and baby oil, would be a turn off for anyone seeking a true alternative to WWE. Not to mention the jokes about the low budget on Saturday's show, which might miss the mark with the uninitiated. The McMahonesque comedy made those I was watching with cringe, and coming on the pre-show sends out a bad message to anyone wondering if they should invest their time. The comedy can come naturally through promos and characters, but staged skits will not convince anyone they're starting a revolution.

If they are doing the sketches once they are on TNT, I would agree with you, but the current shows are just playing to the audience they already have.  I don't have an issue with it as all of this is just exposition and the promotion getting reps until the weekly TV debuts.

So I watched AEW Fyter Fest (I didn't see Double or Nothing due to cost) and I was really impressed except for some of the backstage attempts at comedy.  From what I've heard about AEW I expected the show to be more mature than WWE's PG product, but I was actually surprised by how much more mature it was.  I loved it because it makes the product more realistic.  Will we continue to see the product presented that way once they get to TV, or do you expect it'll be toned down considerably?  I'm hoping that at the very least the big shows stay that way.

I don't expect we'll see the blood and the over the top violence on TNT, but beyond that, I expect most of the product will be the same.  They have talked about having more of a sports-oriented feel, so we'll see how that develops once the company is running every week.

I saw you noted you were there when Lex Luger slammed Yokozuna.  I am curious what the ticket prices were for the event?

If I recall correctly, it was $15 for standing room and $30 for a VIP ringside seat.  The admission gave you access to the Intrepid's museum as well as the WWF event on the deck.  Once you went up to the deck, you were brought to a specific section that was roped off and required to remain there.  

Why isn't Jon Moxley wrestling for New Japan in Texas?

He's under contract to AEW.  One would think he'd have to be approved for the Texas date and since the two companies aren't working together, obviously that approval wasn't going to happen.  I totally see AEW's position there.  They aren't going to pay him a top dollar contract to put him into a situation that dilutes his importance to their brand.

What are the odds that Eric Bischoff uses Hulk Hogan on Smackdown?

They've always worked together, so it would be silly to assume they won't try to do something down the line.  At the end of the day, it will come down to Vince McMahon's approval.  It's still his call at the end.


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