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By Dave Scherer on 2019-07-03 10:01:00

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I am writing in before Fyter Fest, so if they turn that into a direct build for Fight for the Fallen, this might not be relevant.  Everyone is talking about All In, Double or Nothing, & All Out, but what makes Fight for the Fallen so different?  I assumed this would be a "PPV level" event, but is it more like a TV taping, WWE support our troops, or even a house show?  The ticket sales are not impressive with re sale tickets going for less than face value and there are only three matches announced with no real build for any of them.  Right now, Fyter Fest is the more exciting show, and that seemed to start as an off shoot of a gaming convention.  With Fight for the Fallen being my first AEW show that I can attend, I feel disappointed, and it is two weeks away.   And that's not even mentioning it's at an amphitheater, which is an odd venue.  I want to be patient, but I know more about All Out than Fight for the Fallen, with All Out crowning their first champion, unveiling the women's title, and the first major match towards the tag title tournament.

Patience is the key.  Keep in mind that the company is in its genesis and that they had to get through Fyter Fest because they could get to their third show.  Be patient and allow them to set their course.

I read your thoughts on Fyter Fest, and I will say I agree with about 90% of what you said, and I noticed a quick comment you made that Jim Cornette was going to love the outfits Kenny and the Bucks wore for their matches.  Later I was on YouTube and noticed a video from I believe is Cornette's podcast about the Fyter Fest pre-show, and HOLY GOD...  Jim is an angry man.  I'm sure it’s a long story, but why does Jim hate them so much?  I mean if you think about it.  The Young Bucks are just the 2000's version of Stan Lane Midnight Express, that Cornette managed.

If you said that to Jim, he would hate you as much as he hates them!  His problem with the Bucks is that they do things that expose the business.  For example, they give and take incredible moves and pop up too quickly.  He has never been a fan of the workers letting the world know that they are performing.  He believes that they should make the people think that they are fighting.

I read your thoughts on AEW Fyter Fest and I agree with some of your points but not all.  I definitely agree that two of the pre-show matches were bad and I didn't like the attempts at comedy throughout the show at all.  I enjoyed the in-ring work on the main card very much.  I saw several moves on the show I'd never seen which was nice.  I understand your thoughts on the death match, but I'd fall in the group that likes to see it, but only on very specific occasions.  I enjoyed the hell out of the match, but I think that kinda thing should only be done for intense rivalries and to end feuds.  This one seemed to be done just for the sake of doing it and with no build.  Thoughts?

Since it was on the second show, with two guys that had no issues, it absolutely was just done to be done.  While I am not to the level of Jim Cornette, I also believe the old Bret Hart adage that two guys should go out and make it look like they fought and then be able to go out and have a beer afterward.  Death matches, by their very nature, require talents to legitimately hurt themselves over the course of the bout.  That is not what the business is supposed to be in my book.  But, if they are going to do it, it should be at the end of a long, brutal match, not just as another match on a card.

Listening to Tony Khan on Steve Austin's podcast reminded me of the early days of TNA when Don West would routinely call things the greatest thing he's ever seen, or make calls such as "this is the greatest show on earth."  If they haven't already, do you think the AEW veterans (Cody, the Bucks, Jericho, etc.) should approach Khan and advise him to dial it back with regards to referring to AEW shows and matches as the "greatest ever?"

I said the same thing in a column I wrote about his appearance on the podcast.  He had Steve Austin putting over his show, he didn’t need to join in.  He should have just said thanks and let Austin’s voice be the one that put overt he promotion.

Jim Cornette has made it clear he can't take Kenny Omega seriously because he had a competitive match with a nine year old girl. I'd be a big fan of Omega if he didn't do that so I'm on Cornette's side here. What do you guys think about Omega having that match with a nine year old girl?

I get why Jim hates it.  I wasn’t a fan of it either.  It was back in 2011 so he wasn’t in the position he is today.  So me, I just groan and say it shouldn’t have been done but I won’t hate him forever because of it.

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