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By Mike Johnson on 2019-07-02 14:59:00

Impact Wrestling signed D'Lo Brown to a full-time, multi-year deal as a Producer over the last day.  Brown had been getting excellent reviews for his work in recent months and has already built a reputation for being someone who collaborated with talents as opposed to trying to push what worked for him as a worker onto their matches.  A number of talents in recent weeks had pushed for Brown to be brought on.

We are told the company is in the process of signing another Producer as well.

Mahabali Shera recently did some media rounds in India promoting his return to the company and will be back this summer.  Shera had returned to India after spending a number of years here in the States in order to spend time with his family.   

There's been some buzz about Impact signed talent Bhupinder Singh, who is under a developmental style contract and has been training in Windsor, Ontario with a number of those who have worked with him raving about his potential and his continued improvement.

Impact Champion Brian Cage will be doing a ton of media over the next few days locally in Dallas, Texas.

The hunt for a new TV home continues.

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