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By Dave Scherer on 2019-07-02 10:00:00

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With all of this on the fly booking and spur of the moment ideas and changes, I have to question the new VKM “edict” about matches not running multiple segments. I already HATE it. Tag teams coming in and then restarting as a 6-man match, interference after causing another match (Kofi vs Zayn, then KO), and as was the case with AJ vs Ricochet, a “restart”.  Vince can’t really think this is a solution to a “problem”, can he....?

On the bright side, he usually doesn’t stick with ideas long term.  Just look at the brand split.  Well, he must think that if he implemented it.  It’s a shame he can’t see it’s bad character development and booking that is causing fans to tune out.

Basically Dolph Ziggler said that he talked to management and convinced them that he lost twice but deserves to be in a match with champion where if he beats him twice he doesn’t win title but would rather be put in a match at ppv where instead of having beat champ who he couldn’t beat on his own he rather face 2 ppl now like who demands that and who in mgt thinks deserves another shot to begin with.

If your point is that the booking is terrible, point taken!

After watching the Viceland series The Wrestlers first episode I came away with the impression that Darby Allin was a legitimate masochist and with some sadistic qualities too, I believe that he went so far as to say something to the effect that he was an artist who used pain as his medium.  Assuming he's shooting in that episode (the part where he pepper sprays his friend and all), doesn't that make Tony Khan's plane and pilot error analogy complete BS?  He knew who Allin, Janela, and Dustin Rhodes were when he signed them, and he also knew what kind of matches they were doing too.

I won’t say that about Dustin, since he an accomplished pro and a great worker, but you are right on Janela and Allin.  When guys make it clear that they like to do, let’s say Extreme things, then owner can’t be surprised when they do them.  In fact, the owner needs to be the person that protects them from themselves.  I agree with you.

Why was the price of Double or Nothing on BR and US PPV so much more in the US versus what it was available for on Fite and ITV Box Office? It was like $50 here and the equivalent of $20 overseas. Wouldn't it have been better to have more orders at $20 than fewer for $50 to expose more people to the product?

That is how they chose to do it.  As I have said before, I think it was a mistake too.  I would have priced it much cheaper and tried to get more eyeballs on the product.  At least they have released the two shows for free on B/R Live so they have addressed getting the show out to the masses for free.

You don't talk much about MLW. What are your thoughts? I enjoy it and think they are doing pretty well with live shows on BEIN spots and having GO DADDY as a partner.

I really enjoy it.  It’s fun TV and I like the way they are building their product.  I think they are doing a really good job.

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