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By Dave Scherer on 2019-07-01 10:00:00

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It's well known that Vince McMahon always hated referring to the titles as "belts."  What changed for him to allow Becky to refer to herself as Becky 2 Belts?  Was it his idea, or did it take a lot of convincing for him to reluctantly agree?

To be determined.  At the time, it was a catchy slogan.  We shall see if it was a one time thing or a change in philosophy.  If I had to guess I would say it’s the former.

Why does WWE repeat the same match over and over on successive PPVs?  Back in the days of the Big Four, matches were fresh -- you'd have a new challenger to the title, a blowoff match, and then a new challenger for the next PPV.  With WWE adding three or four times as many shows, you'd think they'd be able to feature more people.  Instead, they just repeat the same match and same challenger three or four times over.  For example, Baron Corbin has lost how many times now -- two? three? -- and is still challenging Seth Rollins again in a feud that no one cared about from the outset.  It is bad booking all around -- it makes title opportunities look cheap (why does a two-time loser get yet another opportunity), it makes shows boring for the audience (first title match between X and Y?  no need to catch it now -- I know they'll be fighting again two or three more times before it's milked dry), etc.  Make the matches -- and wins and losses -- mean something!  And build up more people who can credibly be involved in storylines so that you can feature new fresh faces on different PPVs, instead of just going to the same well over and over and over.  I know, I'm hoping for too much, aren't I?

First things first, it’s due to the booking process.  That falls on Vince McMahon. Now, to be fair things are a lot harder now.  In the Big Four days, there were four PPVs.  TV was a promotional vehicle.  It didn’t feature first run matches.  Now, it’s the primary source of revenue for the company so TV is the focus, as opposed to PPVs.  With that said, it does not excuse the weak booking that WWE often gives us.  Hopefully that can change with Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman’s new roles in the company.

I realize the easy answer is "Because nobody asked him, but, how is there a resurrected NWA, and no Jimmy Cornette involvement?

There really isn’t much for him to do.  The NWA is more of a concept than anything else.  They aren’t a promotion and don’t really “run shows”.  So there really isn’t a role for Cornette at this time.

After Corbin who is next for Rollins to feud with? Right now there is no one who has done anything to warrant a title shot

My guess, and it’s only a guess, would be Brock Lesnar.  He has the briefcase and needs to get his revenge on Rollins.  SummerSlam is the second to third biggest PPV of the year so they need a big Universal Title match for it.  It seems to me that would be Rollins-Lesnar.

Not too long ago, Cory Graves was considered arguably the best commentator in WWE, but he has been in full "annoying heel commentator" mode for some time now.  Do you think his work has suffered at all since going full annoying heel, or do you think he is still as good as he has ever been considering that is the role Vince McMahon wants him in?

Well, the goal is to make Vince happy and if that is what he is doing, he needs to keep doing it.  But I agree with you, I liked the old Graves better than the new version.  The old Graves was really good while the new ones more of a character. I don’t pay his check though!

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