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By Dave Scherer on 2019-06-29 10:00:00

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Once AEW begins its weekly traveling TV show, are there any arenas they won't be able to run because of WWE pulling political strings and exclusivity clauses?

I don’t know their exclusivity deals with venues, as it hasn’t been something they needed to be concerned with for about 20 years, so I can’t say for sure but given they have used their influence with arenas in the past, I would think it would be done again.  When a billionaire is taking you on, you need to do what you can do to combat that.

I recently read an article online that talked about things AEW needs to do going forward.  One of their bullet points was that AEW needs to establish clear heels and faces.  Not have faces vs faces heels vs heels etc.  My question is do they?  Personally I think yes you need good guys and bad guys, but not in a sense where every match has to follow that tradition.  Following that formula is a large part of what makes wrestling too predictable.  I'd much rather see well developed characters good, bad, and everything in between any of whom could face off of any given time.  I mean who wouldn't wanna see a couple well developed heels trying to out heel each other?  Stuff like that could be very compelling.

What made the Attitude Era great? Tweeners!  AEW is presenting itself in a more sporting fashion.  I don’t think they need the tired old pro wrestling face-heel hierarchy.  In fact, I hope they don’t have it.

Two questions for you guys. one may be a repeat of an earlier question but does WWE have a deal with the NHL to play wrestlers theme song’s at their games or is that a deal that CFO (the guys behind the theme songs) have made with the NHL. I constantly heard “Burn it down” and others throughout the NHL playoffs. 

In order to play someone’s copyrighted work you need permission.

Secondly with the recent Rollins vs Osprey twitter feud do you think WWE would or has put a stop to WWE performers interacting with talent outside of their “universe”. I can’t imagine they would want WWE fans going and checking out other wrestlers and other promotions based off an interaction on twitter.

I said exactly that on the show with Mike Johnson on Thursday.  WWE gets nothing out of Rollins going at it with Ospreay.  He just may make some of his followers check out the competition.  I think the company should take an “ignore those below us” approach to who they interact with.  Check the follower count before you tweet, if it’s significantly less than yours, don’t do it.

Do you think wrestlers such as Ricochet, Kairi Sane and Ember Moon need to develop a secondary finisher in order to lessen the long-term effects and strain on their bodies from doing a high-impact top rope move every day?

I think a LOT of wrestlers really need to consider their move set.  As cool as the big spots are, they also increase the chance of injury.  If it’s me, I would want a longer career compared to a shorter, more spectacular one.  

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