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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-29 10:00:00

I was wondering why there is’t as much coverage of the Puerto Rico scene as there used to be on the site?

A big part of the reason is that Jose Perez, who did an amazing job covering all aspects of that scene, took a job offer and is now living in the mainland United States, so he’s not on the Island anymore, but you also have to remember that after Hurricane Sandy, the wrestling world there shut down for a long, long time which also broke the chain in terms of coverage.  We would be happy to pick that up if and when we can.

What is with all the back suplexes into the lower turnbuckles  like the move Barley used on Alexa Bliss. This looks like a broken neck waiting to happen. Is there anyway the person taking this move can protect themselves or an i just crazy.

I think that like a lot of spots that get a big reaction, this one has gained popularity.  If they time the move right and tuck their head, it can be a safe spot but the more often it’s done, the law of averages is catching up, so an accident can happen.  Let’s hope that doesn’t end up the case.

When I was younger, Tommy Rich was one of the hottest wrestlers on the planet.  I mean he basically ran the South. Is there any reason he never went to the WWE, and why didn’t the NWA give him a 2nd (and longer) title reign?

No argument that Rich was one of the hottest personalities in that time period, but after he lost the NWA title, he never regained that momentum.  I don’t know if it was bad timing or changes in bookers or if it fell on Rich’s shoulders. I’ve never heard any reason as to why he never had a WWF run and don’t know if there was ever any interest in him.

Do you plan to fly to Japan for Jushin Liger's retirement?  That seems like the type of story that the site should be on-site for.  I request you go.

I don't really have any current plans to travel to Japan for that show, although I love Liger and would personally love to be there.  The nature of the site means I really can't take the time off to travel there and spend time in Japan the way I'd want to (a few weeks' time) in order to enjoy the experience the way I'd want to.  I'm not going to fly all that way for the show and then fly all the way back, especially since it streams live on New Japan World.  But, I'd love to be there to see Liger close the book as he's in my top favorites of all time.  We'll see what the future brings in regard to your request...but if you feel THAT strong about it, you should go to the show!

Who's your favorite writer of all time?

Ann C, Crispin.  If you mean wrestling writer, I'm more of a fan of great bookers.   There are many I have enjoyed including Eddie Gilbert (Continental), Dusty Rhodes, Bill Watts, Paul Heyman and Pat Patterson.

Can you explain to me why Jim Cornette gets into so many Twitter fights?

He doesn't suffer fools and he doesn't hold back when he perceives someone is a fool.  He makes no apologies for who he is and on Twitter, that's a recipe for toxicity.

Why don't you interact more and post exclusive news on Twitter?

Honestly, Twitter doesn't pay me and this website has for 15 years plus, so the lion's share of my attention should be here on  I do interact from time to time (and I enjoy it) but I feel that if you are going to go into the social media black hole where you respond to, debate or argue with everyone who responds to you, you are wasting time that you could be using to your benefit and you are pretty much shooting yourself in the foot at the end of the day.  It's easy to get distracted there and lose time that I can use to concentrate on my own work.  For that reason, there are lots of times I take breaks from social media.  My time is better valued chasing down stories, writing articles, conducting interviews or recording audio for Elite subscribers.  They are the lifeblood of what we do here and I'll always lean towards giving them more content then they can handle vs. giving away content independent on the site.  As far as breaking news on Twitter, unless it's to send people here, that's never happening.  It would be bad business on my part as it would cannibalize what I do here on the site.  I'll never close the door on creating content but I'd never do it at the expense of those who have supported us.

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