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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-28 10:00:00

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Who owned that Terry Funk dinner footage that they put on the Network today?

That footage was shot by ECW's camera crew but other than a few clips of Funk from the dinner used on ECW TV as B-Roll, it was never released.  WWE acquired it when they bought the ECW video library.  Based on what I could tell, all of the banquet speeches are intact with the exception of a very raucous one delivered by New Jack.sti

Is Jeremy Borash still with WWE? What is his role currently? 

Borash still has the job that he's always had with WWE, working in the production end of WWE NXT.  He's involved with all of the documentary style footage and video features that you see on NXT and I believe NXT UK as well.

Once AEW begins its weekly traveling TV show, are there any arenas they won't be able to run because of WWE pulling political strings and exclusivity clauses?

That remains to be seen.  I am sure that may be the case for some venues, but in a world where Madison Square Garden is letting other wrestling companies in, anything can happen.  One would think that the clout that the Khan family carries would prevent such strings, but you never know.

Who had their show booked first, EVOLVE or AEW?

EVOLVE announced their anniversary show in Philadelphia days before AEW announced the Jacksonville show.

Great work guys. Been with you since 1W days. My question to you is, with AT&T UVerse dropping The Pursuit Channel, and DirecTV also dropping the HD Channel, do you see the end being near for Impact (TNA), over, say, the next year, or two, for TV, and them going the way of streaming, on channels such as Fite TV, or someone else?

Impact has been pursuing a new TV deal.  We were told by one exec at the NYC taping that they were hopeful a new deal could be announced very soon.  We will see if that's the case.  Pursuit was never, ever anything more than a means to an end in terms of keeping them on TV somewhere, nothing else.  Impact has been as frustrated with being on the station as anyone who is still bothering to watch it.  Hopefully, they rebound and get some good news, as the TV product has been very good in recent months.

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