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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-27 10:00:00

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It is such a shame to see CM Punk and Colt Cabana suing each other.  Do you think this situation could ever be resolved?  I was shocked to see Punk sue Cabana.  What are your thoughts?

On a personal level, I really don't think it can be resolved.  Financially, it will be resolved when a judge decides who is right or if they decide to settle.  I don't know why you are so shocked that Punk sued Cabana.  After all, Cabana sued him a year ago, which pretty much meant any friendship was out the window, no matter who you think is right or wrong.  The real shame in the entire situation, in my opinion,  is that they did that podcast as friends to let Punk get his side of the WWE exit out, united and over the last several years, that friendship has splintered into this. 

When you think about it, Punk has been fighting off lawsuits ever since that podcast, which can't be a peaceful way to live and is hardly the exit from wrestling he wanted to have in 2014 - all he's doing is paying lawyers to fight off the ghosts of the past.  Cabana, meanwhile, is one of the few independent wrestlers who actually made a financially successful career for himself (in part, of course, due to his friendship with Punk, who endlessly promoted Cabana) but certainly, Colt never made the type of money Punk did.  However, he too, is paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to lawyers. 

This cannot be what either wanted when they dedicated their lives to pro wrestling and honestly, the entire situation is beyond screwed up.  While Dr. Amann didn't get any money from Punk or Cabana, his lawsuit set the stage for them to each suffer a fate worse than that - to lose someone they deeply cared about while also seeing their finances continue to dwindle as they waste more money on lawyers instead of having the opportunity to move on with their lives. 

Of all the legal cases I have covered on, this story makes me the saddest, because I've covered their individual careers longer than I've even been writing full-time.  I've covered them rising from little known independent talents to legitimate stars.  Seeing that bromance go to hell is pretty depressing to write about, so I can't even fathom what it's like to live through and it pains me to see it happening.

Could you see WWE inducting some of the bigger stars into the Hall of Fame 3X? I could see Evolution getting inducted as a group which could give Ric Flair (and more then likely, Triple H) 3 inductions & The Rockers getting inducted would give HBK 3 rings.

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Absolutely, especially if WWE ever decides to follow UFC by inducting specific matches into the WWE Hall of Fame.  It's quite possible someone could have three or four inductions.

Just this last week WWE at the intro to the Gallows and Anderson match against the Usos, Michael Cole recognized the two as former IWGP champions. This is not the first time I have heard WWE refer to New Japan by actually stating "IWGP", and personally find it cool that they give them a nod in the process. My question is why would Vince be open to allowing commentators be allowed to refer to another promotion such as NJPW, when we clearly know that other promotions have (pardon the pun) no chance in hell of being acknowledged/mentioned on a televised program. I don't recall former TNA or ROH champs being acknowledged by WWE through the mention of their former brands, but remember WWE commentators stating that they have "won gold all over the world". Does Vince just have more respect for NJPW than any other current promotion?

My guess is that it's done to add some credibility to the talents, nothing more.  If WWE decides that New Japan is at a level where they are competitive to the company, they'll drop the references.  My guess is that most of the references go over Vince McMahon's head or that he didn't have an issue with it.  We will see if that's the case in the months to come as New Japan runs the United States more.

Any chance of a second season of Dark Side of the Ring?

As of this writing, the series has not yet been officially picked up by Viceland.

Whatever happened to the Highlanders?  Do you think one of them appearing in the crowd at Impact cost them their WWE run.

I don't believe either is active in the business.  I believe they live up in Canada.  I believe Impact putting the camera on the one who was attending their taping started the ripple effect that ended their WWE run and it was a classless, needless move in my eyes the night it happened and I still feel that way years later.

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