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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-24 10:25:00

The word making the rounds at last night's Stomping Ground PPV was that Rey Mysterio is expected back in early July.

We are told his return is targeted for the 7/8 Newark, NJ Raw taping, but that is pending medical clearance.  The expectation is that Mysterio should return around that time.

Mysterio has been out of action since suffering a separated shoulder last month at Money in the Bank against Samoa Joe, forcing him to relinquish the WWE United States title.  Mysterio appeared on last week's WWE event in San Diego, his hometown.

While out of action, Mysterio has launched a campaign for children with autism:

Lucha libre legend Rey Mysterio launches global campaign for children with autism. 

This Sunday May 26th, a new global digital fundraiser, Fight4Autism is being launched on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The global ambassador behind Fight4Autism is Rey Mysterio, the highly recognised and respected WWE personality. Fight4Autism seeks to bring awareness to the increasing incidence of autism globally and raise funds for foundations working with children with autism.

Just after defeating fellow WWE superstar Samoa Joe for the US Championship belt, Rey Mysterio is announcing this initiative to help children with autism, a cause with which he has a personal connection. “During my career, I have met many autistic children and their families. I’ve been deeply moved by the stories of the challenges that autism presents but heartened by the joy that wrestling brings them and in particular, Rey Mysterio.” said the luchador.

Rey Mysterio has created this global fundraiser in his determination to help autistic children all over the world, no matter where they live. His mission is to have his fans join him in the fight. To do so, fans only need to donate US$4 via the website


The proceeds from the fundraiser will be distributed to foundations working with children with autism in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico and more.

Every fan that makes a donation, becomes part of his tag team and receives a unique digital photo of Rey with a personal message from him. Plus a chance to win very special prizes, personally selected and designed by Rey Mysterio:

?      Fight4Autism merchandise

?      Fight4Autism bespoke masks

?      Fight4Autism miniature belt bands

?      Fight4Autism personally inscribed champions title belt

Plus, every fan that donates will have the chance to win the Booyaka Bundle. An all-expenses paid experience for two, including business class airfares, hotel accommodation and premium seat tickets to a live WWE as Rey Mysterio’s personal guests.


?      Teaser campaign go-live Sunday 26th May 2019

?      Live campaign runs from Sunday 2nd June 2019 until the end of June

?      Booyaka Bundle prize draw Sunday 30th June 2019

To join Rey Mysterio’s Fight 4 Autism, visit .

To learn more about autism spectrum disorder visit and


At the start of his amazing journey, Rey was considered way too small and unlikely to succeed at the highest level on international wrestling. Having just celebrated his 30th anniversary in the sport, his high-flying Lucha Libre style has led him to becoming 2 x WWE world heavyweight champion; WWE champion; 3 x cruiserweight champion; 4 x WWE tag team champion; 2 x intercontinental champion; royal rumble winner and 2019 United States Champion.


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