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By Dave Scherer on 2019-06-26 10:00:00

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I know you are not a fan of the MITB concept, and neither am I, but since it's here to stay, do you think that since the holder of the briefcase can cash it in at any time for a very high chance of winning the title, should they continue to push the MITB briefcase as more important than the secondary titles such as the Intercontinental and US titles?  Or should any title be seen as more important than the briefcase?

I think it’s pretty clear that they already do push the briefcase more than they do the secondary titles.  Sad, but true.

What could WWE do to make you like the MITB concept more?

They could kill the ridiculous 24/7 aspect of it.  It’s a tired, old story.  They could do the same thing, only better, by having a heel decimate the face champion and then say he is cashing in on next week’s show.  I think that the case should be for a Title shot whenever the holder asks for it, with the caveat being there must be notice given.  I like a week, but if they wanted to go with a day or even from Monday to Friday or vice versa when Smackdown moves to FOX, I am OK with that as well.  The 24/7 aspect is just tired, plus it hurts the credibility of the person who wins by going through the back door.

I get that Paige needs a role and that the team of Asuka and Kairi need a mouthpiece, but given that they have nothing in common whatsoever and no history, how does Paige managing that particular team make any sense?

I say this with all seriousness, of all the things WWE does that make no sense, this is what you are concerned with????  They don’t really need to have anything in common.  They don’t speak very good English and Paige needs a role.  That is a better explanation than a lot of things that WWE does.

What are the chances of the Kabuki Warriors getting the women’s tag belts since the belts are not really defended at all?

I think they will win in Japan to get the Title match.  If WWE is serious about making the Titles more than comedy fodder, they should change them.  I don’t mean that as a slight at the Iiconics either.  They are very talented and can do much more than WWE has let them.  But that is the story of (bad) WWE Creative.

Would the WWE use the wild card rule and let Asuka beat Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Title?

Clearly they have no issue with using the wild card for Title shots since Alexa Bliss did it with Bayley.  I don’t see them using Asuka that way though.  They put her into a tag team for a reason, unfortunately.  She’s yet another talent that they have wasted.

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