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By Dave Scherer on 2019-06-25 10:00:00

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I was reading the review of Big Van Vader’s book and I remember his dominant run in WCW. He was such a monster and it got me thinking of dream matches. I wish we could have seen Big Van Vader in his prime vs. Brock Lesnar. That would have been one awesome spectacle. Are there any dream matches you wish you could have seen like that?

Not really, no.  I have never been a "I wish I could have seen that" type of person.  Fantasy booking has never really been my thing.

I love AEW. Their first show was amazing and has me excited for their weekly show. My one question comes from Shawn Spears’ involvement. I wasn’t into his appearance because I never really got to see too much of him worth being excited about. I believe that has more to do with WWE’s booking. Are there any WWE wrestlers who have been completely destroyed by WWE booking that can move past that and still be a huge star in AEW? Gallows and Anderson come to mind, but someone like Zack Ryder wouldn’t. Thoughts?

Sure, there a lot of talents that would benefit from a fresh start and better booking that WWE presents.  Absolutely.  I won't name names since it seems a bit unfair but just look up and down the WWE roster.  Plenty of talents will jump out that have no been used well by the company.

About the whole Undertaker Starrcast thing, what exactly happened? It seemed so odd to me that after being such a loyal WWE guy for so many years, out of nowhere, he signs up to do an appearance with someone else. Rumor had it Vince was furious (Presumably true since 'Taker was pulled) - so 'Taker booked it without even running it past Vince? JR mentioned it being connected to 'having to make a living' but surely if Undertaker really needed money (which I'd doubt), he'd go to Vince first and Vince would line something like this up under the WWE umbrella? I feel like I must be missing something, the whole thing just seems so weird? 

Basically, he thought he was able to take a big pay day so he signed on for it.  WWE didn't like it because it surely seems like the see AEW as a threat and they didn't want Taker there as part of their PPV weekend, so they exercised their contractual rights he and Kurt Angle were pulled from the event.  My take is that Taker didn't realize that it was an issue for WWE, since he has done other signings in the past without issue.

Just listened to Jon Moxley’s excellent interview with Chris Jericho. Hearing about the creative has made me think. If Vince truly believes these comedy ideas are great why doesn’t he impose them on Shane? 

Because comedy is for the undercard guys, not for the best in the world.  I know it sounds like I am being flippant here, but I am dead serious.

I didn't get to see AEW Double or Nothing due to having to work and I wasn't gonna pay their high asking price.  I did however see some highlights, specifically Jon Moxley.  I got a Stone Cold vibe (in a very good way) from his actions.  Not like he was trying to be Steve Austin, but moreso in a grey area type character the WWE is sorely lacking.  Dirty Deeds/future shock ddt seemed quicker than he executed it in WWE.  So quick and outta nowhere ala The Stunner.  He dropped everyone in his vicinity not caring about heel or face.  Did you get that vibe as well or is it a bit of wishful thinking on my part? 

Mox is definitely a different wrestler/character than Dean Ambrose was.  The whole "the chains are off" thing is a shoot.  AEW, so far, as been given the talents much more freedom than WWE has.  That is a good thing.

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