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By Paul Cormier on 2019-06-23 10:11:00

Quick Results

Round 1

Dan O’Hare beat Shlak in match with a Doors of Death stipulation.

Conor Claxton destroyed Jimmy Lyon in a Summer Funtime Death Match.

Jimmy Lloyd beat John Wayne Murdoch in a Shattered Dreams Panes of Glass Death Match despite interference from Reed Bentley.

Casanova Valentine defeated Big F’n Joe in a Bundles & Boards Death Match.

Non-Tournament Death Match 

The Rep (Nate Carter & Dave McCall) beat Murder By Kicks (Ken Broadway & Matt Travis).


Conor Claxton pinned Jimmy Lloyd in an Exploding Bat, Light Tube Death Match.

Dan O ‘Hare beat Casanova Valentine in a Texas Tumbleweed Death Match.

Non-Tournament Fans Bring the Weapons Death Match

Matt Tremont beat Mance Warner 

TOD Finals

Conor Claxton beat Dan O’Hare in. Light Tube Madness Death Match after a bump of a scaffold onto a barbed wire-webbed, light tube, exploding trampoline.

Additional Notes: This show was a ton of fun and seemed to run at a quicker pace than some past TOD’s. Lots of blood and lots of sun.  Not lots of alcohol though as NJ Open Container Laws prevented fans from being able to bring in coolers.   CZW Owner DJ Hyde hinted that TOD might return to Townsend, DE next year after a two-year hiatus. CZW returns to The Colossal Sports Academy at The Coliseum in Voorhees, NJ on Friday, July 12 for the Lyle Williams Memorial show.

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