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By Dave Scherer on 2019-06-24 10:00:00

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I know trying to find logic in WWE booking is a waste of time but with the wild card rule wouldn't it at least make sense for superstars to only be able to challenge for Titles on their brand? 

If they want the brand split to mean something, in my opinion yes.  Just to say someone is a wild card so they challenge for a Title on the other brand is just lazy booking to me, much like booking a dream match like Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan, with no build up.  They are trying to improve their ratings but hotshotting never works in the long term.

With the move to Fox coming will they even be able to continue the wild card rule? Years ago Fox wouldn't let their actors appear on Who Wants to be a Millionaire (for charity) due to it being on a different network, I doubt they'll want them appearing on a program on USA to boost their ratings.

That is to be determined but remember that since that time, networks are now working together in promoting the NFL and NBA on other networks, so it could very well fall into that category where USA and FOX work together for their common good.  It would make sense to try and have whatever happened on Monday carry over to Friday and vice versa as a way to increase the audience of both shows.

Following AEW's next PPV, All Out, selling out within 15 minutes, Dave Meltzer stated that AEW could potentially sell out a stadium. Based on this statement, could the promotion potentially sell out Madison Square Garden if they wanted to?

Well if you go by the logic that they could sell out a stadium, sure they could also sell out a much smaller building.  In fact right now I think that they have a better chance of selling out MSG than a 70,000 seat stadium but people really, really need to be realistic where AEW’s concerned.  They are off to a great start, no doubt, but they have run exactly one show.  It sold out quickly.  They have three more shows announced, the second PPV sold out quickly.  Next week’s Fyter Fest?  Still has tickets available (and lots of them) on Ticketmaster.  Same for next month’s Fight For The Fallen.  So COULD they sell out a stadium at some point?  Sure, but let’s not put that kind of pressure on them.  Setting expectations that high for AEW isn’t fair to them.  With that said, if they decided to run a PPV at MSG, I think they could sell it out since they have sold out in Las Vegas and Chicago.  Those are much smaller building but given the concentrations of fans in the Northeast, plus New York City being a great destination city, I think they would sell it out if they ran there at this time.  With that said, they start TV in a few months.  At that time there will be a big show every week.  Will fans continue to travel to the big shows?  We don't know yet.  People that just assume they will are not looking at all the angles in my opinion.  I am hoping for the best with AEW but I think anyone who thinks it will be super easy for them is just not looking at the whole picture. 

I have a follow up question about WWE promoting House Shows like NXT does. Living in Canada we always have someone like Scot Stamford or any WWE personality telling us about upcoming WWE shows in Canada. Do they not have that in the US?

Nope, they don’t do that on Raw or Smackdown.  It’s crazy to me.

Just out of curiosity, why all of a sudden is WWE letting the public in on their stars personal relationships (i.e. Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch) especially in the past they never really did unless it had something to do with a storyline.

Simple, times of changed.  They have had success with their reality shows so they see merit in carrying that over to their shows.  I think it’s a good idea because there are definitely some people that care about things like John Cena and Nikki Bella being a couple.

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