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By Mike Johnson on 2019-06-18 12:09:00

With Scarlett Bordeaux being granted her release, the natural question that has been asked is whether Killer Kross is receiving one as well.  We have been told by multiple Impact Wrestling sources today that at this point, Kross will not be receiving a release and will continue to work for the company.  There were some in the company unhappy that Petey Williams provided Kross the forum on his podcast to speak out about his issues with the company, specifically since Williams is not just a talent but a Producer.   As previously noted, there's been unhappiness that Kross spoke out at all in the interview.

With Rafael Morfi departing to work for AEW full-time after Slammiversary weekend, the company will be seeking someone new to handle their live event bookings.  Currently, we are told the company has all their TV taping and PPV dates and venues through October locked in so there is no immediate rush to find someone.

In regard to rumors of Davey Boy Smith Jr. potentially coming in, there's been interest in him going back several years in him.  There's no word whether he is coming in.  Smith is currently under a MLW deal.

Impact will team with Booker T's Reality of Wrestling on 7/7 in Texas City, Texas.  For ticket information, click this link.

Impact will be running 7/14 in conjunction with Santino Marella's Destiny Wrestling with an event titled "Fallout" in Mississagua, Ontario.

The next TV tapings after Slammiversary will be 7/19 and 7/20 in Windsor, Ontario.

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