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By Dave Scherer on 2019-06-18 10:00:00

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I can't be alone in cringing every time Alexa Bliss takes a bump to the back of her head off the turnbuckle, like she did Monday against Bayley, seeing how she's had multiple concussions in a short span of time. 

Considering I also cringe when I see that, you are not alone.  But that is the nature of the beast and if she is cleared to work that means she is cleared to work.  Hopefully, concussions are in her past.  The only positive is if she does get hurt again, she is so talented that there are a lot of other roles for her in WWE.

Storyline aside, should fans worry that Shane could be as egotistical as Vince if he were put in charge of WWE? Considering he's beaten the top faces time and again and two guys that are top heels are his lackeys in Drew and Elias. Plus the whole best in the world thing. Is any part of that him or is he just fully embracing the part? 

Shane's dad is the booker and the one putting him in this position.  Whether Shane sees the damage it does when a middled aged-non wrestler beats talents in their prime, I can't say.

The company that currently owns/runs Impact wrestling – do they have the film rights for all the tv shows & PPV’s since day 1?? You’d have to think VKM would dearly love to get his hands on those.

Yes, Anthem owns the rights to the Impact shows. 

If you compare the rise and fall of TNA to WCW ruling the world with the NWO, then getting bought for VKM’s pocket change, which is a greater downfall??

It's not even a comparison.  WCW was the number one company in at least the US and maybe the world for a while.  TNA never was.

I know that at one time WCW was very much a competitor to WWF/E, and even beat them in the ratings for about a year and a ½. There was a time when the TNA roster reminded me very much of WCW, and at one point they even got the idea to go head to head against Raw, and all I recall about that is it didn’t last. Was TNA ever making enough noise that it actually showed up on VKM’s radar??

Sure, WWE has always monitored the competition but it was never like it was with WCW.  That was a real battle for the top spot.  TNA never came close to giving WWE that kind of threat, or any real threat for that matter.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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